Microsoft SQL Administration Training and Certification Courses


Organizations are handling copious amounts of business-critical data and information daily. This means they must implement the best possible practices around data storage and processing for ease of day-to-day activities. In this regard, Microsoft SQL Administration knowledge helps professionals to thoroughly manage and maintain Database Management Systems (DBMS). Through Microsoft SQL Administration training, businesses are able to move through their activities with enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

Check out some of the popular Microsoft SQL Administration certification courses to enrol today.

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Microsoft SQL Administration Certification Courses

Microsoft SQL is a widely used database management software. Upon Microsoft SQL Administration certification training completion, professionals are able to monitor software performance, conduct diagnostic tests, troubleshoot database issues, best configure devices, and plan for capacity expansion along with other system upgrades based on scalability and performance needed. 

Popular Microsoft SQL Administration Training Courses

Database Administration Fundamentals Training

The three-day Microsoft offered training course allows individuals to prepare for the Microsoft 98-364 database fundamentals examination. The training course helps students best understand the core database concepts, how to create database objects, data manipulation, data storage, and how to best administer a database.
The course consists of five modules covering the above mentioned topics. Course completion offers a validation of fundamental knowledge used to build a career around Microsoft technologies. This entry level course requires some hands-on experience and training but does not need on-the job experience as a prerequisite. 

Updating your Skills to SQL Server 2017 Training Course

This intermediate level course is offered over two days to database professionals looking to understand the skills needed to operate SQL Server 2017. The prerequisites to sit this course include the technical knowledge around;
Building and managing databases, data warehouses, and business intelligence solutions using SQL Server 2016
The Windows Server 2016 operating system and networking
The Microsoft Office 2016 software suite
The course consists of eight modules ranging from an introduction to SQL Server 2017 to SQL Servers on the Linux operating system. The modules also include hands-on labs to give students a more practical understanding of theories learnt over the course and how to best implement them in a wide array of business environments. 

Performance Tuning and Optimizing SQL Databases 10987-C Training

This four day instructor led course offers students who manage and maintain SQL Server databases further information and skills to fine tune and optimize their databases. The intended audience for this course are individuals who handle the administration and maintenance of SQL Server databases and are responsible for the performance of the SQL Server instances they manage. These individuals write queries against data and need to ensure optimal execution performance of workloads. The secondary audience for this course is Application Developers looking to maximize content delivery from SQL Server databases. 

Who can take up Microsoft SQL Administration Certification Training?

Job roles that can benefit from Microsoft SQL Administration training include:
  • IT Professionals
  • Professionals looking to master SQL command lines
  • Aspiring SQL Database Professionals
  • Teachers
  • Instructors
  • Software Developers
  • Application Developers
  • Database Administrators
  • Configuration Specialists
  • Architects
  • Professionals looking to take up relevant Microsoft SQL Administration certification exams

Benefits of taking up Microsoft SQL Administration Training

  • Getting Microsoft SQL certified is a valuable professional accolade for both hiring organizations and the professional in possession of the same. 
  • According to conducted surveys, 35% of professionals receive a pay rise post-certification, with 48% of those respondents strongly believing a Microsoft certification is able to enhance job prospects and encourage opportunities with higher initial packages. 
  • Microsoft SQL Administration Certifications are a strong way for professionals to let hiring organizations know they possess accredited expertise and are more likely to get hired than their non-certified counterparts. 
  • This is contingent on the professional keeping their certifications up to date and staying up proficient with the latest skills and trends around the software in question.
  • For hiring organizations, Microsoft SQL Administration certified professionals offer the ability to streamline internal data management for optimized performance and, in turn, higher revenue turnovers with reduced expenditure and time wastage. 

Salary and Job Prospects

Upon course completion, professionals are eligible to apply for SQL Server Database administrator roles. The average salary for this profession ranges between USD 79,046 and USD 124,462. This amount heavily depends on the location of the professional and the additional experience he or she comes with.


Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

Microsoft SQL is a commonly used relational database management software offered by the technology industry forefather Microsoft. The software helps with optimizing data storage while exercising strong control and assistance around demand and query execution when actions are inputted by a system user.
Professionals equipped with a Microsoft SQL Administration certificate are able to introduce the best possible practices around information access and security protocols from a grass root level. As a result, information only moves where it needs to minimizing possible risks and upgrading the system as needed.

In order to validate the skills obtained over the course, professionals are encouraged to sit the 98-364: Database fundamentals examination. The cost of this examination is an estimated USD 127. This cost is dependent on the country the exam is proctored in.

In order to sit the course, professionals must possess the following:
  • Basic knowledge around the Microsoft Windows operating system and core functionality
  • Working knowledge around database administration and maintenance
  • Working knowledge of Transact-SQL

Microsoft courses are offered to maximize convenience and information transfer. Depending on the choice of a learning partner, individuals can pick between online and offline offerings. 
Online offerings include self-paced learning options revolving around guided learning paths that individuals can sit at their convenience. The second option for online offerings is a virtual classroom environment allowing students to sit courses guided by a trained instructor along with peers looking to achieve the same certification.
Offline offerings, while limited based on geographical location, offer a traditional classroom environment where students can interact with a trained instructor in person.

The primary target audience for this course are database administrators with experience around SQL Server 2016 who are looking to update their skills to the SQL 2017 Server. 
The secondary audience for the course are existing SQL Server 2016 MCSAs looking to complete the examination required for SQL Server 2017 certification.