Microsoft SQL Administration Training and Certification Courses


Microsoft SQL Administration is a technology used to manage and maintain Microsoft SQL Server databases. It is used to create, configure, and manage databases, as well as to monitor and optimize performance. It also provides security and backup services. Major vendors for this technology include Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and SAP. Microsoft SQL Administration is used by businesses to store and manage data, as well as to create reports and analyze data. It is also used to develop applications and websites.

About Microsoft SQL Administration Training and Certification Courses

Microsoft SQL Administration training and Certification Courses provide the skills and knowledge necessary to manage and maintain a Microsoft SQL Server database. The courses cover topics such as installation, configuration, security, performance tuning, backup and recovery, and more. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to confidently administer a Microsoft SQL Server database.

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Prerequisites for Microsoft SQL Administration Certifications

• Knowledge of relational databases
• Understanding of database design
• Knowledge of SQL Server tools and technologies
• Understanding of database security
• Knowledge of database backup and recovery
• Understanding of database performance tuning
• Knowledge of database replication and mirroring
• Understanding of database optimization techniques

Who should take Microsoft SQL Administration Certification Training Courses?

• IT professionals who want to learn and master the skills of administering a Microsoft SQL Server database.
• Database administrators who want to gain expertise in administering and managing Microsoft SQL Server databases.
• Developers who want to learn how to design and develop databases using Microsoft SQL Server.
• Business intelligence professionals who want to learn how to create and manage data warehouses using Microsoft SQL Server.
• Data analysts who want to learn how to analyze and report on data using Microsoft SQL Server.
• Students who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft SQL Server administration.

Skills Earned by Individuals after Completing Microsoft SQL Administration Training and Certification Courses

1. Understanding of Structured Query Language (SQL)
2. Ability to create and manage databases
3. Knowledge of database design and normalization
4. Ability to write and execute SQL queries
5. Understanding of database security and user access control
6. Ability to create and manage database objects such as tables, views, stored procedures, and triggers
7. Knowledge of database performance tuning and optimization
8. Understanding of data replication and backup/restore processes
9. Ability to troubleshoot and resolve database issues
10. Knowledge of database administration best practices

Reasons to Choose Koenig Solutions for Microsoft SQL Administration Courses

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Benefits of Taking Microsoft SQL Administration Certification Courses

• Increased job opportunities: According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for database administrators is expected to grow by 11% from 2019 to 2029.
• Higher salary: The average salary of a SQL Server Database Administrator is $90,000 per year.
• Improved problem-solving skills: SQL Administration Certification Training helps to develop problem-solving skills and analytical thinking.
• Enhanced career prospects: Certification in SQL Administration can help to open up new career opportunities.
• Improved knowledge: The training helps to gain in-depth knowledge of SQL Server and its features.
• Increased confidence: Certification in SQL Administration can help to boost confidence and self-esteem.
• Improved communication skills: The training helps to develop communication skills and the ability to work in teams.


Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

Microsoft SQL is a commonly used relational database management software offered by the technology industry forefather Microsoft. The software helps with optimizing data storage while exercising strong control and assistance around demand and query execution when actions are inputted by a system user.
Professionals equipped with a Microsoft SQL Administration certificate are able to introduce the best possible practices around information access and security protocols from a grass root level. As a result, information only moves where it needs to minimizing possible risks and upgrading the system as needed.

In order to validate the skills obtained over the course, professionals are encouraged to sit the 98-364: Database fundamentals examination. The cost of this examination is an estimated USD 127. This cost is dependent on the country the exam is proctored in.

In order to sit the course, professionals must possess the following:
  • Basic knowledge around the Microsoft Windows operating system and core functionality
  • Working knowledge around database administration and maintenance
  • Working knowledge of Transact-SQL

Microsoft courses are offered to maximize convenience and information transfer. Depending on the choice of a learning partner, individuals can pick between online and offline offerings. 
Online offerings include self-paced learning options revolving around guided learning paths that individuals can sit at their convenience. The second option for online offerings is a virtual classroom environment allowing students to sit courses guided by a trained instructor along with peers looking to achieve the same certification.
Offline offerings, while limited based on geographical location, offer a traditional classroom environment where students can interact with a trained instructor in person.

The primary target audience for this course are database administrators with experience around SQL Server 2016 who are looking to update their skills to the SQL 2017 Server. 
The secondary audience for the course are existing SQL Server 2016 MCSAs looking to complete the examination required for SQL Server 2017 certification.