Microsoft Office Training & Certification Courses

Microsoft Office Training & Certification Courses

Microsoft Office 2013 training courses at Koenig offer you the latest version of MS Office Suite along with various upgrades to make your work easier and more streamlined. Taking up MS Office 2013 certifications will not only make you aware of all the new tools and functions available but also help you make the most of your Office operations. The course focuses on Word 2013 Expert training, Excel 2013 Expert training and PowerPoint 2013 training.

Certifications/ Courses Duration Available Dates Fees starting from
download Excel 2016 3 1-3 Oct 2018, 22-24 Oct 2018, 5-7 Nov 2018, 19-21 Nov 2018, 17-19 Dec 2018 $ 1,440
download Business Intelligence for MS Excel 5 15-19 Oct 2018, 5-9 Nov 2018, 3-7 Dec 2018 $ 930
download Microsoft Office Excel 2013 3 1-3 Oct 2018, 29-31 Oct 2018 $ 1,440
download Data Analysis for Smart Business 3 1-3 Oct 2018, 29-31 Oct 2018 $ 1,440
download Introduction to Word 2016 2 1-2 Oct 2018, 29-30 Oct 2018 $ 570
download Introduction to Excel 2016 2 15-16 Oct 2018, 5-6 Nov 2018, 3-4 Dec 2018 $ 1,240
download Introduction to PowerPoint 2016 2 1-2 Oct 2018, 29-30 Oct 2018 $ 570
Microsoft Office 2013 Training Boot Camp 15 1-2 Oct 2018, 29-30 Oct 2018 On Request
Business Analysis (CBAP) and Business Intelligence with MS Excel 10 1-2 Oct 2018, 29-30 Oct 2018 On Request
Business Analysis (CCBA) and Business Intelligence with MS Excel 10 1-2 Oct 2018, 29-30 Oct 2018 On Request
MS Office 2016 8 1-5 Oct 2018, 6-12 Oct 2018, 8-12 Oct 2018, 5-9 Nov 2018, 3-7 Dec 2018 On Request
download Microsoft Office Word 2013 Expert 3 1-3 Oct 2018, 29-31 Oct 2018 $ 1,440
download Financial Modelling In Excel 2013 12 15-26 Oct 2018, 5-16 Nov 2018, 3-14 Dec 2018 $ 1,720

What are the Career Benefits?

Microsoft Office is the leading suite offering state of the art productivity tools for the business world. Hence, Microsoft Office certifications provide you an edge over others as these certifications are industry standard and accepted by employers worldwide. In fact, your chances of getting employed increases 5 times as per Microsoft.

According to Microsoft, a Microsoft certified employee can earn as much as 15% more than an uncertified co-worker. In fact, an entry-level employee can earn as much as $16,000 more annually in high-growth industries.

These certifications also help you achieve greater productivity and perform complex tasks, therefore, making you eligible for salary hikes and promotions.

Who Should do This Course?

The prerequisites for this course are nothing more than basic computer skills.

This course is especially popular among students as they have recognized its importance and wish to choose a technology that helps them plan a better career. However, anyone who wants to brush up their skills or find a suitable job can apply for this course or certification.

Professionals who have benefited from this course are teachers, researchers, officers, auditors and accountants, to name a few.

How do I Get Certified in Microsoft Office?

If you wish to get certified, it is imperative to choose a certification. Microsoft offers three levels of office certification – Specialist, Expert and Master.

  • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) – To become a Specialist, one needs to learn the core skills of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote and Outlook and pass corresponding exams.
  • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert – To become an Expert, two expert level exams need to be clear, therefore, acquiring advanced skills in Word and Excel.
  • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Master – A MOS Master clears multiple exams and gains mastery across office applications.



What is Microsoft Office 2013?

Microsoft Office 2013 is another version of Microsoft Office. It is a productivity suite including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and Access. Office 2013 was launched with certain new features such as file format support, support for touch and user interface updates.

What is Microsoft Office certification?

It is an industry standard certification. It showcases your expertise in Microsoft Office Products. This certification is offered by Microsoft to demonstrate your proficiency in Microsoft Office.

What is the importance of Microsoft Office 2013 training and certification courses?

These training and certification courses either open up better career prospects or increase your chances of getting promoted. Companies give preference to candidates with Microsoft certifications.

What are the roles that can be offered after completing these training and certification courses and becoming a certified professional?

As per Microsoft, certified professionals are placed as IT professionals, developers, technology trainers and system architects.

Do Microsoft Office 2013 certifications expire?

No, these certifications don’t expire, but it is better to update yourself on a regular basis.

Are all certifications under Microsoft Office 2013 mandatory to become a professional?

No, expertise in any of these certifications can open up many career prospects.

Are there different levels of certification?

There are 3 levels of certifications: • Specialist • Expert • Master

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