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Microsoft Business Intelligence tools are a great way for organizations to optimize their infrastructure using best practices and to implement new processes to generate higher revenue and meet the goals of the company. Business intelligence is all about of all the information and data provided to the business intelligence professional to make smarter business decisions, forecast trends, increase sales, and prevent risks from occurring. In this regard, Microsoft Certifications in Business Intelligence is ideal for professionals who are looking to gain a proper understanding of BI concepts in projects and overall enterprise setup.

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MSBI Certification Training Courses 

Microsoft offers multiple applications that can help analyze data, streamline operations and generate valuable insights for organizations as a part of their business intelligence tool. Since Microsoft is one of the most popular platforms for organizations to work with, a certification in the same would be extremely beneficial to one’s career. 
Microsoft has multiple BI tools such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft SharePoint, which can be used to create extensive and insightful reports that are crucial to developing and executing intelligent strategies for growth. These certification courses are also available at all levels starting from Associate to Expert, in order to create a path of learning and growth for working professionals.
Some of the most popular MSBI certification training courses are listed below:
  • DP-200T01: Implementing an Azure Data Solution
  • Analyzing Data with Excel 20779-B
  • SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence 55158-A
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013 End to End Business Intelligence 55045-A
  • Implementing a SQL 2016 Data Warehouse (SSIS) 20767C

Popular MSBI Certification Training Courses 

Implementing an Azure Data Solution Certification (DP-200T01) Training Course:

The DP-200T01: Implementing an Azure Data Solution certification course is designed for data analysts who wants to gain a thorough understanding of how to use Microsoft Azure to implement various solutions in a cloud, hybrid or on-premise environment. They incorporate different means of data processing in the curriculum with the help of multiple technologies. Candidates also gain a better understanding of different data security measures and processes such as authorization, data policies, various standards, and authentication.
Participants of the DP-200T01: Implementing an Azure Data Solution certification training course will be adept at defining, executing, and monitoring various data-driven solutions and troubleshooting using Microsoft Azure to streamline all processes and optimize operational efficiency and growth.

Analyzing Data with Excel 20779-B Certification Training Course

Microsoft Excel can be used as a tool to provide business intelligence solutions for organizations as well. It is one of the oldest tools used by data analysts and business analysts. The Microsoft Excel certification course content consists of teaching candidates the different business intelligence techniques and tools which can be applied to the data analytics function in Microsoft Excel.
Participants will be able to go beyond the classic Microsoft Excel Dashboard, extend the existing Excel data models, import data from SQL servers and reports, use Excel to create data visualizations, and use MS Excel to create a Power BI dashboard.

SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence 55158-A Certification Training Course

The SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence 55158-A certification training course is designed to help data analysts and aspiring business intelligence professionals understand and implement various features and components of SharePoint to support BI solutions.
Learners of the SharePoint 2013 certification training course will learn the configuration process of SharePoint 2013 sites to use them for business intelligence. They will learn the basic concepts of Power BI and its integration with SharePoint. Candidates will learn how to configure and use various SharePoint Excel services, SharePoint Visio Services, PowerPivot, Power View, Reporting Services, and PerformancePoint.

Implementing a SQL 2016 Data Warehouse (SSIS) 20767C Certification Training Course

The Implementing a SQL 2016 Data Warehouse (SSIS) 20767C certification training course is designed to help working professionals gain more insight on the ways in which they can provide a Microsoft SQL Server database. The SQL 2016 certification course equips the candidates with the knowledge and skills to provision SQL Server on Azure as well as on-premise. Candidates learn how to install new SQL Server provisions as well as how to migrate from existing ones.
Participants will be able to describe all the elements in data warehousing, create and implement logical and physical designs for data warehousing, and create various column store indexes. They will learn the main features of SSIS, as well as data, flows in SSIS, debug SSIS packages, deploy SSIS projects, and they will learn how to implement Azure SQL Data Warehouse, among many others.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 End to End Business Intelligence 55045-A Certification Training Course

The Microsoft SharePoint 2013 End to End Business Intelligence 55045-A certification training course is an intensive seven-day bootcamp that teaches candidates all the Business Intelligence tools offered by Microsoft for its users. Some of the tools that the certification training course covers are:
  • Microsoft Excel services
  • Microsoft’s Business Continuity services
  • SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence services
  • Visio Services
  • PerformancePoint Service
  • SQL 2012 Business Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence Center
Learners have the option to select and drop whatever modules they choose to, in case they are not interested. For example, if learners want to learn about all the other modules besides Visio services and Microsoft Excel services, they will be able to do so.

Who Can Take Up MSBI Certification Training?

Job roles that can find MSBI training beneficial include:
  • Data analysts
  • Data engineers
  • Data scientists
  • Data architects
  • BI analysts
  • BI scientists
  • Business intelligence professionals
  • BI consultants
  • Business intelligence developers
  • Data consultants
  • IT consultants
  • IT managers
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Project Managers
  • Database administrators
  • SQL Server Developers
  • Employees who want to understand what the Microsoft Business Intelligence tool is all about
  • Professionals who are looking to take up Microsoft Business Intelligence certification exams

Reasons to choose Microsoft Business Intelligence Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  • A comprehensive portfolio of MSBI courses on offer from Koenig Solutions
  • Expert Microsoft BI instructors with real-life experience to help professionals to gain a thorough understanding of performing Business Intelligence activities for critical projects in an organization
  • Receive Microsoft Business Intelligence certification course materials along with hands-on lab sessions to gain a thorough understanding of the concepts, terms, and best practices
  • Get Microsoft Business Intelligence training from a Microsoft Gold Partner who can deliver this training worldwide
  • Participants can take up Microsoft BI courses in 4 hours/day and 8. Hours/day timeslots on weekdays and weekends, respectively 
  • Enterprises can customize their MSBI certification courses according to business requirements and individual learning needs
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence certification exam practice tests and hands-on lab sessions to gain proper understanding of the concepts and exam formats
  • Get the option to take up your Microsoft Business Intelligence certification training across four different learning modes along with a blended model to train teams together across locations

Benefits of Microsoft Business Intelligence Certification Training

  • Some of the key benefits of taking Microsoft Business Intelligence training, which include: 
  • Certified professionals help the company grow and realize its true potential, hence becoming valuable assets to the organization.
  • The certifications are globally recognized courses which means certified professionals can avail business intelligence job opportunities anywhere around the world.
  • Companies prefer working with certified professionals when it comes to business intelligence solutions because this field is crucial to the organization’s growth and business continuity.
  • Embark on a successful Business Intelligence career path that will grow in an exponential manner globally
  • Stay ahead of the competition in a complex job environment with new-found Microsoft Business Intelligence knowledge to receive promotions and additional job responsibilities
  • Become one of the most sought-after professionals with opportunities across the globe
  • Gain instant recognition by showcasing Microsoft BI digital badges on your profile across various platforms

MSBI Certification Process

Steps to become a Microsoft Business Intelligence certified professional are listed below:
  • Choose a relevant Microsoft Business Intelligence certification course from a wide portfolio of courses offered by a Microsoft Gold Partner in Koenig Solutions
  • Select suitable Business Intelligence course schedule and mode of delivery 
  • Receive Microsoft Business Intelligence training materials that include pre-reading materials, brochure, practice tests, and hands-on lab sessions
  • Be part of an interactive instructor-led Microsoft Business Intelligence certification training providing both theoretical and practical sessions
  • Take up as many as Microsoft Business Intelligence practice tests to familiarize yourself with the certification exam formats
  • Create a successful career path with Microsoft Business Intelligence training program to be part of the ever-growing Microsoft ecosystem worldwide

Salary prospects for Microsoft Business Intelligence Learning Certified Professionals

In an ever-growing data-centric business landscape, it is critical for enterprises to understand their data to ask important questions and get answers to crucial information. Having certified Business Intelligence professionals helps enterprises to analyze their data to make better decisions, solve problems, and identify newer opportunities. Microsoft Business Intelligence training is ideal for BI professionals in an organization who work on business-critical projects. With increasing demand, they are the most sought-after and highly-paid individuals. Let’s take a look at their salaries from across the globe.

United States

USD 75,000 to USD 121,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 25,000 to 100,000


Rupees 4.5 lakhs to 10 lakhs 


AUD 64,000 to 111,000 


AED 100,000 to 350,000


SGD 60,000 to 90,000


Job Prospects for Microsoft Business Intelligence Certified Professionals

Business intelligence skills have become critical in today’s competitive business landscape. Enterprises that are investing in Business Intelligence training will go a long way to ensure they remain relevant and ahead of their competition. Microsoft Business Intelligence certification training is very popular in enterprises across industry sectors globally. Some of the top companies that are hiring Microsoft Business Intelligence certified professionals include Summit Electric Supply, Attentive Mobile, SpaceX, HP, Amazon, HonorHealth, IQVIA, IBM, Tango Card, HALVIK, Skyworks, and more.
Do check out your local job portals to find relevant Microsoft Business Intelligence job opportunities in your region.


Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

Yes, Microsoft BI training is totally worth it in today’s evolving business landscape. Microsoft business intelligence certification training courses offer working professionals knowledge and expertise in the business intelligence tools provided by Microsoft. Certified BI professionals will be able to execute data-driven and intelligent solutions to give their organizations a competitive advantage over their peers.

The DP-200T01: Implementing an Azure Data Solution certification costs $2095 USD.

Candidates need to have prior knowledge of cloud computing and data concepts, along with work experience managing data solutions. They need to have completed the following certifications:
  • AZ-900 - Azure Fundamentals
  • DP-900 - Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals

The Analyzing Data with Excel 20779-B certification training course is for those data analysts who want to learn how to use MS Excel for business intelligence, so a core operational knowledge of Microsoft platforms is a required prerequisite to be eligible. Candidates also need to have a working knowledge of relational databases, data analytics, and extensive knowledge of MS Excel tools.

The candidates who want to apply for the SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence 55158-A certification training course need to have basic knowledge of how to use SharePoint and its functions, as well as have a basic understanding of data modeling.

Candidates who want to apply for the Implementing a SQL 2016 Data Warehouse (SSIS) 20767C certification training course need to have work experience in the field of data analysis and database administration, as well as possess some technical skills like understanding and knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating system, knowledge of how to use relational databases, along with some experience in database design.

The Microsoft SharePoint 2013 End to End Business Intelligence 55045-A certification training course is for anybody who is keen on learning different Microsoft tools for business intelligence, so it comes with no prerequisites.