Blazor Application Development Using .NET 6 Course Overview

Blazor Application Development Using .NET 6 Course Overview

The Blazor App Development Using .NET 6 course offers a comprehensive guide for learners to build interactive web applications using the Blazor framework and .NET 6. The course starts with an introduction to the core aspects of .NET, highlighting the new features in .NET 6. It then delves into a detailed overview of Blazor as a platform for creating Single Page Applications (SPA), covering both Blazor Server and Blazor WebAssembly models, and how to implement lazy loading for efficient resource utilization.

As the course progresses, learners will gain hands-on experience in developing .NET applications with Blazor, understanding Razor syntax, components, and validation techniques. The curriculum also includes lessons on integrating Bootstrap for responsive UIs, utilizing REST services with Web API, managing databases with Entity Framework, and securing applications through authentication and authorization. Additionally, the course explores gRPC services and how to create and use Razor Class Libraries, enhancing the modular aspect of Blazor App Development.

By the end of the course, participants will be well-versed in building robust, secure, and scalable web applications using Blazor and .NET 6, ready to tackle real-world projects.

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Course Prerequisites

Certainly! Given the course content outlined, the minimum prerequisites for successfully undertaking training in the Blazor Application Development Using .NET 6 course are as follows:

  • Basic understanding of web development concepts and technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Familiarity with C# programming language and object-oriented programming principles.
  • Some experience with ASP.NET Core and Razor syntax is beneficial but not mandatory.
  • Knowledge of the Visual Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for development activities.
  • Understanding of the MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern is helpful.
  • Basic knowledge of RESTful services and how web APIs operate.
  • Willingness to learn new development paradigms and stay updated with the latest .NET technologies.

These prerequisites are intended to equip students with the foundational knowledge necessary to absorb the course content effectively. The course is designed to be accessible to those with a general background in web and software development and will build upon these core skills to introduce Blazor and its associated technologies.

Target Audience for Blazor Application Development Using .NET 6

The Blazor Application Development Using .NET 6 course caters to developers looking to build modern web applications with cutting-edge Microsoft technologies.

  • Web Developers seeking to leverage .NET 6 and Blazor for single-page applications (SPAs)
  • ASP.NET Core Developers aiming to update their skills to the latest .NET version
  • Front-end Developers interested in adopting Blazor for client-side development
  • Back-end Developers who want to create full-stack applications with Blazor Server and WebAssembly
  • Software Architects designing web solutions with .NET 6 and Blazor architecture
  • Technical Leads managing teams that use or plan to use Blazor in their projects
  • .NET Programmers expanding their expertise to include progressive web applications (PWAs)
  • Programmers with experience in other web frameworks (like Angular, React, or Vue.js) exploring alternatives in the .NET ecosystem
  • Full Stack Developers integrating RESTful services and Entity Framework Core with Blazor applications
  • IT Professionals wanting to understand and apply authorization and authentication in Blazor apps
  • Software Engineers interested in implementing gRPC services within Blazor applications
  • Application Developers wanting to build reusable web UI components with Razor Class Libraries

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Blazor Application Development Using .NET 6?

Introduction to Learning Outcomes:

This course on Blazor Application Development Using .NET 6 equips learners with the skills to build interactive web applications leveraging the latest .NET technologies, focusing on both server-side and client-side development.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Understand the core concepts of .NET 6 and the advancements over previous versions.
  • Grasp the architecture of Blazor and its application in creating single-page applications (SPAs).
  • Learn to develop rapid applications using Blazor in Visual Studio 2022 and create progressive web applications (PWA).
  • Master Razor syntax, components, and directives for building dynamic UIs and understand the differences between pages and components.
  • Implement routing, component rendering, data binding, and event handling within Blazor applications.
  • Establish communication between components, including parent-child relationships and parameter passing.
  • Utilize Bootstrap to design responsive user interfaces and layout management in Blazor applications.
  • Create and consume RESTful services using Web API and integrate them with Blazor WebAssembly applications.
  • Apply Entity Framework Core for database operations, migrations, and building Web API controllers in Blazor Server applications.
  • Implement authentication and authorization to secure MVC-based applications and protect pages and components.
  • Learn to use gRPC services within Blazor apps and understand the differences between gRPC and traditional Web APIs.
  • Develop and utilize Razor Class Libraries to share components and functionality across Blazor projects.