Microsoft Asp.Net Core 3.1 Blazor Training

Asp.Net Core 3.1 Blazor Certification Training Course Overview

Enroll for the 3 Days Asp.Net Core 3.1 Blazor training course from Koenig Solutions accredited by Microsoft. The ASP.NET Core 3.1 Blazor and Razor components training course will show you how Blazor and the use of Razor Components provides a new approach to creating web Single Page Applications (SPA), with the advantage that the coding can be predominantly in a .NET language. 

Blazor is the new Microsoft Framework for Building Single Page Applications using only .NET  and C#. With Blazor there is no need to use Java script code anymore But Only C# code From the back to the front End. Blazor is the new Microsoft Framework that brings .NET to the browser. 

Target Audience:

Web and .Net developers who want to leverage the power of a familiar language to build client-side interfaces


Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Learn Blazor and Razor Components
  • Explore Razor Components with Layout and Attributes
  • Create and Configure Blazor
  • Create a Server-side or Blazor Progressive Web Application
  • Gain an Introduction to ASP.NET Core 3.1
  • Gain an Overview of Model View Controller (MVC)
  • Gain an Introduction to Entity Framework Core
  • Call REST or gRPC services
  • Use Bootstrap to provide a Responsive User Interface




Microsoft Asp.Net Core 3.1 Blazor Training (Duration : 24 Hours) Download Course Contents

Live Virtual Classroom
Group Training 2550
01 - 03 Nov GTR 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM CST
(8 Hours/Day)

06 - 08 Dec 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM CST
(8 Hours/Day)

1-on-1 Training (GTR) 2950
4 Hours
8 Hours
Week Days

Start Time : At any time

12 AM
12 PM

GTR=Guaranteed to Run
Classroom Training (Available: London, Dubai, India, Sydney, Vancouver)
Duration : On Request
Fee : On Request
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Course Modules

Module 1: Blazor (ASP.NET Core 3.1) Introduction
  • What are Blazor; Razor Components and Web Assembly?
  • Web Assembly vs Server
  • Configuring Core 3.1
  • Discuss the rapid development and evolution of ASP.NET
  • Comparison of features for web technologies
  • Creating Progress Web Application
  • Support for Dependency Injection
  • Creating your first Blazor Web Application
  • Configuration Options
  • New Core 3.1 Features
Module 2: Introduction to Blazor Application
  • Overview of Blazor
  • Blazor and Razor Components
  • Installing Blazor Templates
  • Debugging Blazor Applications
  • Pages
  • Layout and menu
  • Dependency Injection
Module 3: Razor Components
  • Pages vs Components
  • Routing
  • Rendering Components
  • Binding (one way and two way)
  • Events (and stopping propagation)
  • Code and Code behind files
  • Razor Syntax
  • Razor Directives
Module 4: Calling REST Services
  • Creating Web API services
  • Web API Controller
  • Implementing Controller Actions
  • Using HttpClient
  • Configuring and Injecting HttpClient
  • Using Get request for Web API service
  • Using Post, Put and Delete
Module 5: Alternatively Calling gRPC Services
  • What is gRPC?
  • Create a gRPC service (using Proto 3)
  • Define Messages and Remote Procedure Calls
  • Connecting to service
  • Connecting to service
Module 6: Components - continued
  • Parameters
  • Child Components
  • RenderFragments
  • Template Componnts#
Module 7: Using Entity Framework
  • Introduction to Entity Framework Core
  • Migrations and Database creation
  • DataAnnocations
  • Adding Migrations
  • Creating a Database
  • Creating Web API controller
Module 8: Validation
  • Introduction to Validation
  • EditForm components
  • Input components
  • Validation components
Module 9: MVC Security
  • Dealing with common security threats in Web Applications
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Configuring Authorization
  • Securing Pages and Components
Module 10: Razor Class Library
  • Creating a Razor Class Library
  • Using Components from a Library
  • Routing to Pages in a Library
Module 11: Interop with JavaScript
  • Calling JavaScript from Components
  • Referring to Elements within the JavaScript
  • Calling .NET methods from JavaScript
Module 12: Bootstrap
  • Using Bootstrap to provide a Responsive User Interface
  • Layout using Bootstrap
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Course Prerequisites

You have to be familiar with C#, and some JavaScript



Yes, fee excludes local taxes.