LPI Training & Certification Courses

Linux Professional Institute certifications offer expertise in Linux System Administration and Programming. Koenig offers all three levels of the LPI certification training program - LPIC-1, LPIC-2 and LPIC-3, for junior, advanced and senior level proficiency in the subject respectively. You can opt for Linux training course as per the desired level and grease your wheels with extensive knowledge of Linux. The suite offers LPI trainings mapping to the LPI certifications and imparts comprehensive technical know-how of the Linux operating system with administration and management depending on the level opted.


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Trending categories

LPIC-3 300: Mixed Environment 300

Duration: 5 Days English

LPIC-2: Linux Engineer 201

Duration: 5 Days English

LPI DevOps Tools Engineer 201

Duration: 5 Days English

LPI Linux Essentials 010-160

Duration: 4 Days English

LPIC-1 Exam Prep (Course 1) 101

Duration: 4 Days English

LPIC-1 Exam Prep (Course 2) 102

Duration: 4 Days English

LPIC-3 Enterprise Virtualization and High Availability

Duration: 5 Days English

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