Life Coach Course Overview

Life Coach Course Overview

Life Coach Certification reinforces the professional credibility of life coaches. It's a tangible proof of an in-depth understanding of the principles, practices, and ethical grounds of life coaching. Recognized universally, this certification endorses their proficiency in providing effective coaching that promotes personal and professional growth for their clients. Various industries utilize certified life coaches to cultivate leadership, boost productivity, manage stress, and facilitate change management. The certification gives businesses and individuals the confidence that the life coach has gone through rigorous assessment and meets high professional standards. It ensures that their life-transforming advice and techniques are backed by expertise and knowledge


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  • Live Online Training (Duration : 8 Hours)
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Classroom Training price is on request

You can request classroom training in any city on any date by Requesting More Information

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Course Prerequisites

- Minimum age of 18 years
- High school diploma or equivalent
- Completion of an accredited life coaching program
- Log of coaching hours (usually 100-200 hours)
- Passing a written and oral exam
- Adherence to the code of ethics from the International Coach Federation.

Life Coach Certification Training Overview

Life Coach certification training equips individuals with the necessary tools to guide others towards achieving personal and professional milestones. The comprehensive program covers various topics like effective communication, behavioural psychology, motivation strategies, goal-setting, career counselling and stress management. The training focuses on harnessing an individual's potential and enabling them to overcome obstacles, unlock their strengths, and craft their success paths. It also emphasizes ethical coaching practices, business development and relationship building.

Why Should You Learn Life Coach?

Learning a Life Coach course offers multiple benefits such as gaining valuable insights into human behaviour, enhancing leadership skills, and improving personal development. It can potentially increase your employability or provide a new career path. This course can also significantly improve communication skills and your ability to motivate others.

Target Audience for Life Coach Certification Training

- Individuals seeking personal development and growth
- Existing professionals interested in adding coaching to their skill set
- HR Professionals interested in employee development
- Entrepreneurs seeking to improve leadership skills
- Anyone interested in becoming a certified life coach
- Healthcare professionals wanting to incorporate coaching techniques

Why Choose Koenig for Life Coach Certification Training?

- Certified Instructor: Learning from Koenig's certified and experienced instructors ensures a high-quality training experience.
- Boost Your Career: Koenig's life coach training helps individuals to advanced their career skills.
- Customized Training Programs: Training programs are tailored to individual requirements and skill levels.
- Destination Training: The institute offers the option of destination training in exotic locations.
- Affordable Pricing: Koenig operates on a budget-friendly cost structure without compromising the quality of training.
- Flexible Dates: Flexible schedules accommodate everyone's needs with multiple date options for all courses.
- Instructor-Led Online Training: Real-time, interactive online training from expert instructors offers learning from anywhere.
- Wide Range of Courses: A vast catalog of life coaching courses provides learning opportunities in various disciplines.
- Accredited Training: Accredited training provides individuals with recognized qualifications, adding value to their professional profile.
- Top Training Institute: Being one of the top training institutes globally, Koenig assures high-standard education.

Life Coach Skills Measured

After completing Life Coach certification training, an individual can develop skills such as active listening, powerful questioning, direct communication, creating awareness, designing actions, planning and goal setting, managing progress and accountability. They may also enhance their problem-solving abilities, decision-making, and motivational skills. It enables professionals to work with clients to overcome obstacles and make transformative life changes. It can ultimately lead to mastering the techniques used to guide others in achieving their career and life goals.

Top Companies Hiring Life Coach Certified Professionals

Major companies hiring life coach certified professionals include Amgen, Google, WTS International, and Aspira. They seek professionals for roles in health, wellness, and personal development. These companies value the guidance life coaches provide employees for enhancing work productivity and personal growth.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Life Coach Course?

The main learning objectives of a Life Coach course would be to equip participants with the ability to emotionally and psychologically support individuals in making key decisions that define their personal and professional life. The course aims to train participants in effective communication, relationship building, problem-solving, goal setting, planning, and evaluation techniques. In addition, participants would gain insights into human behavior, motivation and stress management. The course would also instill ethical and professional standards of life coaching and aim to enhance participant’s self-awareness, self-regulation, and understanding of others' perspectives.