Kronos WFD Course Overview

Kronos WFD Course Overview

The Kronos Workforce Dimensions (WFD) certification is a testament of expertise in the Kronos WFD software, which offers human resources and workforce management solutions. By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, it efficiently provides operation efficiency for businesses in areas such as timekeeping, scheduling, analytics, and more. Industries use this tool to accelerate decision-making, enhance efficiency, and boost employee engagement. Possessing this certification indicates proficiency in the platform, which can be beneficial for both individuals and businesses in managing and optimizing their workforce. It showcases an individual's ability to effectively utilize this data-driven tool to streamline workforce management.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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  • Live Online Training (Duration : 56 Hours)
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Course Prerequisites

- Prior work experience or understanding of HR and payroll systems.
- Basic knowledge in software installation procedures.
- Familiarity with system configurations and integrations.
- Proficiency in Oracle/SQL databases.
- Ability to understand and interpret technical manuals.
- Experience in using Kronos Workforce Central suite.

Kronos WFD Certification Training Overview

Kronos WFD (Workforce Dimensions) certification training offers in-depth knowledge on using the Kronos platform for managing workforce requirements. The course delivers insightful content on developing work schedules, managing time-tracking, attendance, and labor-costing processes. It covers modules on workforce management, timekeeping, scheduling, absence management, labor analytics and data integration. This training also helps in understanding the application of AI and machine learning in workforce management strategy and ensures proficiency in using the Kronos WFD software.

Why Should You Learn Kronos WFD?

Learning the Kronos WFD course in stats improves workforce productivity by honing skills in labor forecasting, scheduling, and workforce management. It offers analytical insights for data-driven decision making. Enhancing employability, it is vital for human resource professionals, managers, and anyone involved in workforce planning and development.

Target Audience for Kronos WFD Certification Training

- HR executives setting up employee scheduling systems
- IT professionals implementing workforce solutions
- Operations managers overseeing staff scheduling
- Payroll personnel managing timekeeping systems
- Business owners optimizing workforce productivity
- Kronos consultants providing workforce management support
- Project managers involved in system integration and transformation.

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- Wide Range of Courses: Choose from a multitude of Kronos WFD courses offered.
- Accredited Training: Get recognized and accredited certificates on successful completion of the course.

Kronos WFD Skills Measured

After completing Kronos Workforce Dimensions (WFD) certification training, an individual can acquire a broad range of skills including the ability to manage and optimize workforce management solutions, proficiency in using WFD user interface, knowledge in configuring, administering, and improving system performance. Additionally, they will gain competencies in payroll integration, timekeeping, human resources and analytics solutions offered by Kronos WFD. They will also have a deep understanding of modern SOAP and REST web services architecture.

Top Companies Hiring Kronos WFD Certified Professionals

Some of the top companies hiring Kronos WFD certified professionals include Accenture, Deloitte, Amazon, and IBM. These global giants need such professionals for workforce management, operations, and HR roles. Retail giants such as Walmart and Target also predominantly hire Kronos-certified professionals.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Kronos WFD Course?

The learning objectives of the Kronos Workforce Dimensions (WFD) course include gaining a complete understanding of the software's functionalities and usage. Students will be trained to optimize labor resources through advanced forecasting and scheduling tools, manage timekeeping and payroll activities, and comply with labor laws and regulations. Through this course, they will also learn how to leverage analytics/reporting tools present in Kronos WFD to improve decision-making processes and enhance overall workforce management. The aim is to equip participants with knowledge and skills for effective and efficient workforce management using Kronos WFD.