Julia is a high-performance dynamic programming language for scientific & technical computing. It consolidates the simplicity of Python with a more sophisticated compiler & numerous little upgrades that make the platform easier to use and better suited for numerical computation. In this course, you will not just learn powerful programming language but also inculcate practical programming techniques & habits. The course covers variables, strings, operators, loops, arrays, lists, and so forth to give you a thorough understanding of Julia. After completion of your Julia course with Koenig solutions, you become a good programmer and problem-solver, helping you to learn other functional languages as well.

The Julia training course is intended for anyone who have a basic understanding of programming concepts and are excited about learning another, elite, powerful language.
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Classroom Training*
Duration : 5 Days
Fee : India : $1,700

02-06 (Delhi)
09-13 (Bangalore)
16-20 (Chennai)
13-17 (Bangalore)
20-24 (Chennai)
18-22 (Chennai)
06-10 (Delhi)
13-17 (Bangalore)
20-24 (Chennai)
05-09 (Delhi)
12-16 (Bangalore)
19-23 (Chennai)

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After completion of Julia course, you will learn:

  • Get a comprehension of Julia terminologies
  • Install Julia successfully
  • Learn about variables, strings, logical operators, arrays, functions, data types, dictionaries, loops, list comprehensions, scope & modules.
  • Handle errors efficiently
  • Dive into Meta programming
  • Read & write IO files