ISO 30301 Lead Auditor Course Overview

ISO 30301 Lead Auditor Course Overview

ISO 30301 Lead Auditor certification signifies an individual's ability to verify the effectiveness of an organization's management system of records (MSR) per the ISO 30301 standard. It validates their grasp on the system's principles and functions, along with skills in reporting and following up on audits. Industries gain operational confidence from employing certified auditors, as this ensures their information assets are governed, controlled, and governed correctly. The certification is relevant across various sectors—financial institutions, healthcare, governmental bodies, etc.—that depend heavily on precise, trustworthy documents and archival information. It aids in risk management, decision-making, and compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

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  • Live Online Training (Duration : 40 Hours)
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Course Prerequisites

• Knowledge of ISO 30301 and management system audit principles
• Understanding of records management and related IT concerns
• Famely with MSME concepts, including risk and performance management
• Demonstrated commitment to professional development as an ISO 30301 auditor
• At least five years of work experience, with two in a management role.

ISO 30301 Lead Auditor Certification Training Overview

ISO 30301 Lead Auditor certification training equips participants with skills required to perform and lead Management Systems for Records (MSR) audits. Key topics include an understanding of MSR management principles, interpreting ISO 30301 requirements, audit principles, preparation and conducting of an audit, as well as drafting audit reports. The training also focuses on managing an audit team, communication during the audit, and follow-up on a completed audit.

Why Should You Learn ISO 30301 Lead Auditor?

The ISO 30301 Lead Auditor course benefits include gaining comprehensive knowledge about Information Management Systems, improving auditing skills and understanding regulatory compliance. This course increases job prospects in quality management fields, boosts credibility and enhances the ability to ensure the organization's data accuracy and security.

Target Audience for ISO 30301 Lead Auditor Certification Training

- Information management professionals seeking ISO 30301 certification
- Quality, risk, and compliance officers in organizations
- Senior managers responsible for data management
- IT consultants and internal auditors
- Professionals working in information security, confidentiality, and data protection
- Management system trainers and educators
- Regulatory authorities' auditors and compliance personnel

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ISO 30301 Lead Auditor Skills Measured

Upon completing ISO 30301 Lead Auditor certification training, an individual will have gained skills in understanding and interpreting the ISO 30301 standard for Management Systems for Records (MSR). They will be competent in leading and planning audits, conducting audits, and creating audit reports. They will also develop skills to handle an audit team. They will acquire the ability to communicate efficiently with the auditee and audit client, as well as in conflict resolution and negotiation during the audit process.

Top Companies Hiring ISO 30301 Lead Auditor Certified Professionals

Companies like PwC, Deloitte, KPMG, EY, and Accenture are among the top hiring ISO 30301 Lead Auditor certified professionals. These firms value the expertise in managing Information Security Management Systems, enhancing the ability to conduct internal audits, and maintain compliance with international standards.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this ISO 30301 Lead Auditor Course?

The learning objectives of the ISO 30301 Lead Auditor course include acquiring an in-depth knowledge of the ISO 30301:2011 Management System for Records (MSR) audit processes in regards to an organization. The participant will understand how to plan, conduct, report and follow-up on an audit in compliance with ISO 19011 and ISO/IEC 17021-1 certification process. They will learn to interpret the requirements of ISO 30301 in the context of an audit. Moreover, the learner should be able to effectively manage an audit team, initiate the audit, conduct audit meetings, review documents, draft audit reports, and conduct follow-up audits.