Informatica – Cloud Data Quality Course Overview

Informatica – Cloud Data Quality Course Overview

Informatica Cloud Data Quality certification is a recognition awarded to individuals who have demonstrated their proficiency in Informatica's data management tools. It attests to one’s ability to ensure high-quality data in the cloud, making data-driven decisions, and improving operational efficiency. This certification is leveraged by industries to validate the skills of their data professionals or consultants. The certification involves understanding Informatica’s Cloud Data Quality solutions like data profiling, cleansing, and matching. It is mainly about managing and ensuring the reliability, relevance, and timeliness of cloud-based data. This help industries maintain data governance and improve their overall data management lifecycle.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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Course Prerequisites

- Basic understanding of data integration concepts & relational databases
- Familiarity with Informatica PowerCenter
- Background in ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes
- Knowledge of SQL or similar query languages
- Experience in data quality and governance protocols
- Some working experience with Informatica Cloud or related toolsets.

Informatica – Cloud Data Quality Certification Training Overview

Informatica Cloud Data Quality certification training is designed for professionals who wish to enhance their skills in quality data management and integration on the cloud. The course aims to provide in-depth understanding about managing data quality, ensuring data readiness, and implementing multi-cloud platform strategies. Key topics covered include data profiling, data standardization, data cleansing, rule development, effective scorecarding, and data quality monitoring. The training gears professionals for the role as a data steward and prepares them for Informatica certification exams.

Why Should You Learn Informatica – Cloud Data Quality?

The Informatica Cloud Data Quality course provides invaluable skills in managing data quality across diverse cloud ecosystems. Learners gain expertise in data profiling, standardization, matching, and enrichment for enhanced data governance. It promotes understanding of advanced analytics techniques, improves decision-making capabilities and boosts career prospects in the competitive field of data management.

Target Audience for Informatica – Cloud Data Quality Certification Training

- IT professionals seeking to enhance their data management skills
- Data analysts and specialists aiming to improve their data quality proficiency
- Professionals working with Informatica tools
- Individuals aiming to gain certification in cloud data quality
- Teams managing and handling data in cloud environments.

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• Accredited Training: Receive an industry-recognized accreditation after course completion.

Informatica – Cloud Data Quality Skills Measured

Upon completion of Informatica - Cloud Data Quality certification training, an individual can gain skills such as data profiling, data quality management, mastering data management, metadata management and data integration. Additionally, they also acquire knowledge about cloud architecture and Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS), managing cloud data quality tasks, creating and executing data quality mappings, and understanding Cloud Data Integration capabilities. Overall, they can enhance their proficiency in managing and ensuring the quality of data in the cloud.

Top Companies Hiring Informatica – Cloud Data Quality Certified Professionals

Top companies hiring Informatica – Cloud Data Quality certified professionals include tech giants like Accenture, IBM, and Oracle. Other prominent businesses like Cognizant, Dell, and Capgemini also actively seek these skilled professionals. These companies require Informatica specialists for managing and assuring the quality of cloud-based data.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Informatica – Cloud Data Quality Course?

The learning objectives of the Informatica – Cloud Data Quality course include gaining a comprehensive understanding of cloud-based data quality processes. The course aims to equip students with the skills to streamline data quality using Informatica Cloud services. Learners will master the necessary techniques to ensure data quality through profiling, cleansing, validation and standardization, among other methods. They will be taught to manage duplicate records and learn how to use these strategies to make data-driven decisions. Additionally, students will understand how to leverage metadata and improve operational efficiency in their organizations. The course also aims to provide a practical understanding by offering real-time examples and case studies.