The IBM FileNet P8 Platform Administration (V5.5.x) course is designed to provide administrators with the knowledge and skills necessary to configure, manage, and maintain an IBM FileNet P8 Platform system. This comprehensive FileNet training online covers a range of essential topics, from the platform's architecture and domain structures to security configuration and content-based retrieval searches. Participants will gain hands-on experience through lessons that include creating storage areas, object stores, property templates, and implementing event actions. IBM FileNet training will also delve into advanced administration tasks such as bulk operations, sweeps, and the migration of FileNet P8 applications between environments. Additionally, the course explores the use of IBM FileNet P8 content services containers and strategies for organizing content across the enterprise. By the end of the training, learners will be well-equipped to effectively manage an IBM FileNet P8 system, ensuring efficient and secure content management within their organization.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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  • Live Online Training (Duration : 40 Hours)
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Course Prerequisites

To ensure a successful learning experience in the IBM FileNet P8 Platform Administration (V5.5.x) course, the following minimum prerequisites are recommended:

  • Basic understanding of enterprise content management (ECM) concepts and principles.
  • Familiarity with operating systems, such as Windows or Linux, on which IBM FileNet P8 Platform can be installed.
  • Working knowledge of database systems, preferably DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle, as the course involves interactions with a database.
  • Basic understanding of web application server architectures, such as WebSphere or WebLogic.
  • Awareness of networking principles to comprehend how the IBM FileNet P8 Platform interacts in a networked environment.
  • Experience with using web browsers and web-based applications for system management tasks.
  • Some knowledge of programming and scripting (Java, JavaScript, or any other scripting language) is beneficial but not mandatory.
  • An interest in learning how to administer and configure enterprise-level document management systems.

These prerequisites are intended to provide a foundation for the IBM FileNet P8 Platform Administration course and are not meant to be barriers to entry. A willingness to learn and engage with the course material is as important as any technical background.


The IBM FileNet P8 Platform Administration (V5.5.x) course is designed for IT professionals responsible for managing, configuring, and implementing FileNet solutions.

  • System Administrators and Engineers responsible for FileNet P8 deployments
  • Application Developers working with FileNet APIs for integration and solution development
  • IT Architects designing content management solutions using FileNet
  • Database Administrators involved in the maintenance of FileNet data sources
  • Security Administrators overseeing access control and compliance within FileNet systems
  • Technical Support Specialists providing maintenance and troubleshooting for FileNet environments
  • Content Managers tasked with structuring and organizing enterprise content systems
  • Compliance Officers managing regulatory aspects of content storage and retrieval
  • IT Project Managers overseeing FileNet implementation projects
  • Business Analysts involved in defining requirements for content management solutions
  • DevOps Professionals focusing on continuous integration and delivery of FileNet applications
  • Data Migration Specialists handling the movement of content between FileNet environments

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this IBM FILENET P8 PLATFORM ADMINISTRATION (V5.5.X)?

Introduction to IBM FileNet P8 Platform Administration (v5.5.x) Course Learning Outcomes

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the IBM FileNet P8 Platform, focusing on administration, architecture, security, and content management to optimize enterprise content services.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Understand IBM FileNet P8 Platform Features and Integration Options:

    • Gain knowledge of the platform's capabilities and how it can be integrated with other enterprise systems.
  • Grasp the IBM FileNet P8 Platform Architecture and Domain Structures:

    • Develop an understanding of the platform's architecture and how to navigate its domain structures using IBM Content Navigator.
  • Manage Logging and System Monitoring:

    • Learn to view, archive, and configure system logs and trace logging for effective system monitoring.
  • Configure Auditing Capabilities:

    • Acquire the skills to create audit definitions and prune audit entries to maintain system performance.
  • Manage Storage Areas:

    • Learn to create file storage areas, storage policies, and configure advanced storage areas for optimal content management.
  • Build and Manage an Object Store:

    • Understand the process of creating JDBC data sources, object stores, and integrating them with IBM Content Navigator.
  • Create and Modify Property Templates and Classes:

    • Develop expertise in creating choice lists, property templates, and document/folder classes, along with modifying these assets.
  • Implement Event-based Automation:

    • Master the use of events to trigger actions, and update event actions with new code modules for automated workflows.
  • Configure Security for IBM FileNet P8 Assets:

    • Learn to configure object store security, role-based access, and security inheritance, ensuring secure access to content.
  • Utilize Bulk Operations and Content-Based Retrieval Searches:

    • Employ bulk operations for document security modifications and carry out content-based searches efficiently.

The course will also cover advanced topics such as working with sweeps, moving applications between environments, considerations for content services containers, and planning for multitenancy in an IBM FileNet P8 system.