55319AC: HTML5 and CSS Course Overview

55319AC: HTML5 and CSS Course Overview

The 55319AC: HTML5 and CSS certification validates knowledge and skills related to web development using HTML5 and CSS. It demonstrates proficiency in creating websites or web applications, including layout designs and user interface components. Industry professionals use it to prove their ability to build interactive and responsive web solutions. HTML5 is the backbone of web page structure while CSS gives it the appealing design and layout. Knowledge of these languages is critical for creating an effective and dynamic web presence. Industries use the certification as an indicator of a candidate's capability, ensuring they meet a global standard for their web development needs.

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  • Live Online Training (Duration : 40 Hours)
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Course Prerequisites

• Basic computer operational knowledge
• Fundamental understanding of web browsers
• Basic Internet navigation skills
• Familiarity with simple text editing
• General understanding of the structure and theory of HTML — how it's used to define the content of a webpage.

55319AC: HTML5 and CSS Certification Training Overview

55319AC: HTML5 and CSS Certification Training is a course aimed at equipping individuals with proficiency in HTML5 and CSS programming. Topics covered include HTML5 basics like elements, attributes, forms and semantics. In CSS, students learn about selectors, visual rules, box model, layout techniques and responsive design. The course also touches on JavaScript integration. Upon completion, students will have the expertise to design and develop functional, user-friendly websites. This program prepares students for relevant industry certification exams.

Why Should You Learn 55319AC: HTML5 and CSS?

Learning 55319AC: HTML5 and CSS course in stats provides proficiency in web designing and development. It empowers with practical skills on building dynamic web applications, helping in data rendering and statistical analysis. The course enhances employability by expanding knowledge in digital infrastructure, essential in today's data-driven industries.

Target Audience for 55319AC: HTML5 and CSS Certification Training

• Web developers aiming to upgrade their skills
• Beginners in web design seeking comprehensive understanding
• Career changers into web development field
• Information technology students studying web development
• Professionals in digital space needing knowledge in HTML5 and CSS.

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- Opportunity to boost your career with high-demand web development skills.
- Offers destination training for a location-specific learning experience.
- Flexible dates and schedules to fit into busy personal and professional routines.
- Interactive, instructor-led online training ensuring personalized attention.
- Broad range of courses along with HTML5 and CSS for holistic growth.
- Accredited training, enhancing credibility in job markets.

55319AC: HTML5 and CSS Skills Measured

After completing the 55319AC: HTML5 and CSS certification training, an individual can earn skills such as understanding the structure of HTML5 and syntax, creating tables, forms, and images in HTML5, applying CSS for styling web pages, understanding the CSS box model and responsive design techniques, using CSS3 transitions, transforms, and animations, and managing website layout with CSS. They will also gain the ability to create a complete website using HTML5 and CSS, demonstrating a strong foundational knowledge of web development.

Top Companies Hiring 55319AC: HTML5 and CSS Certified Professionals

Top companies hiring professionals certified in 55319AC: HTML5 and CSS include tech giants Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Major informative service providers such as IBM and Oracle also seek these skills, as do dynamic startups and digital marketing agencies, all valuing the coders' ability to create responsive, innovative website designs.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this 55319AC: HTML5 and CSS Course?

The learning objectives of the 55319AC: HTML5 and CSS course are to enable students to understand and use HTML5 and CSS for the design of websites. This includes learning how to create and format web pages with HTML5, understand and apply CSS for layout and style, integrate multimedia and interactive forms into websites, and conduct basic website management. The course will also aim to teach students the ability to conduct cross-browser compatibility testing and performance optimization. Ultimately, students should be able to develop a fully functional website from scratch by the end of this course.