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If you are from the IT industry, Fortinet is a term you are highly aware of. Fortinet is an international company with broad, integrated, and automated cybersecurity solutions. Fortinet’s expertise in network security provides protection for data centers, cloud computing, IoT, and other networks from the latest vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks.

Fortinet Certification courses will help individuals and enterprise teams gain knowledge of various Fortinet products and solutions. These Fortinet courses are designed to help professionals achieve their goals and advance their Information Security careers. These certifications are highly regarded in the IT and cybersecurity industries. 80% of organizations hire candidates with certifications. So, whether you want to work as a security architect, web developer, or cybersecurity expert, a Fortinet course will be required. 

The Fortinet certification courses you opt for can give your career a boost through hands-on experience and demonstrated skills. If you are aiming to expand your cybersecurity and networking knowledge, then Fortinet certification training courses are a way to go. Check out some of the popular Fortinet certification training courses below to enrol today.

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Popular Fortinet Certification Training Courses

Various learners enrol in different courses by Fortinet on cybersecurity and networking. The training programs cover topics such as network security, web application security, endpoint security, etc. They also offer certification courses in various fields, such as FortiGate Security Certification (FSEC), FortiCare Technical Support Certification (FTSC), FortiCare Customer Support Certification (FCSC), etc.

If you are a growing professional aiming to expand your knowledge and skills, then enrolling in popular Fortinet certification courses can be helpful. You can choose from close to 40 Fortinet courses offered by Koenig Solutions on cybersecurity, like Cybersecurity Awareness Certification, Cybersecurity Advanced Certification, Cybersecurity Technical certification, Cybersecurity Expert certification, etc. 

We at Koenig Solutions offer widely recognized Fortinet courses to help you hone your skills. Participants can take up the Fortinet certification training courses across various learning modes different modes: online training, classroom training, 1-on-1 training, and corporate onsite training. Our Fortinet online courses are specifically designed to give learners a detailed overview of cybersecurity and networking, from learning security design, configuration, troubleshooting, and handling complex networks to managing and analyzing Fortinet security devices. 

Who can take up the Fortinet Certification Training Courses?

Job roles that can take up the Fortinet certification training courses include, but are not just limited to:

  • Data Analysts
  • Network Security Administrators
  • Security Auditors
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • IT Security Architects
  • Information Security Officers
  • Systems Analysts
  • Network Architects
  • Security Consultants
  • Security Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Professionals aiming to learn various Fortinet courses
  • IT Professionals
  • Data Experts
  • Software Developers

Prerequisites to take up Fortinet Certification Training Courses

There are no prerequisites to take up foundation-level Fortinet certification courses. However, if participants are looking to gain intermediate to advanced-level concepts of Fortinet through next-level courses, then one has to clear foundation-level courses to be eligible to sit for the respective Fortinet certification exams.

Reasons to choose Fortinet Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  • A comprehensive portfolio of nearly 40 Fortinet certification and training courses offered by  Koenig Solutions
  • Jumpstart your IT Cybersecurity career with knowledge gained through industry-recognized Fortinet Certification Training
  • Expert Fortinet instructors and real-world expertise across industry sectors worldwide
  • Key exercises and lab sessions to help you gain a clear understanding of the Fortinet concepts, terms, and the tool
  • Fortinet certification course material prepared by SMEs with regular content updates 
  • Receive Fortinet Certification training from an Accredited Fortinet Training Partner in Koenig Solutions
  • Learners can take up these Fortinet certification courses across four different training modes
  • Participants can take Fortinet certification courses either on the weekends as 8 hours/day or on the weekdays as 4 hours / day of training

Benefits of Fortinet certification training courses

Fortinet training certification courses are designed to equip professionals with the skills and knowledge to be successful in a Fortinet networking environment. Now that the majority of companies expect candidates to hold certifications, Fortinet certification training courses can help you break through in a complex and competitive job landscape. You can learn the multiple technologies and tools needed for a safe and secure network. Following are the major benefits of enrolling in Fortinet certification courses. 

  • Fortinet certification courses cover all the basics of cyber security and then move on to more advanced topics like firewall configuration, intrusion detection, and VPNs. 
  • You enhance your cybersecurity and networking skills as a data and IT professional.
  • You learn the basics of cybersecurity through hands-on experience with various applications. 
  • Your chances of landing a promising job are elevated. 
  • You understand the threat landscape and other cybersecurity problems faced by companies. 
  • You learn to operate security and design configuration.
  • The average salary of a certified Fortinet professional is in the range of USD 64,000 to USD 198,000 per annum across various job roles and categories. 

To be an exceptional cybersecurity professional, you need to have a lot of knowledge about different cybersecurity topics. Fortinet cybersecurity courses are highly recommended for those who want to learn more about safe networking and security architecture. We offer different Fortinet courses that help you acquire skills for working in a Fortinet environment. 

Fortinet Certification Process

There are many ways through which one can become a Fortinet Certified Professional; some of the critical steps to becoming one are:

  • Select relevant Fortinet Online training of your choice from any location through Koenig Solutions
  • Make the payment for a Fortinet Online Training
  • Prepare for the actual Fortinet training by going through various resources provided by Koenig Solutions
  • After completing your Fortinet course, you can prepare for the actual exam by taking up various sample practice tests available on the Qubits platform
  • Apply for your Fortinet certification exam directly through the governing body or get the exam voucher from Koenig Solutions
  • Take part in the official Fortinet exam and clear on your first attempt