Forgerock FR-420 Course Overview

This course is designed by a mix up of demonstrations and lab exercise ensuring that topic is entirely covered. Students will learn the necessary skills to plan, install, configure and to administer Forgerock. The aim of this course is to provide students a better clear understanding and a good experience in Forgerock Access management.


  • System integrator
  • System architect
  • System developers
  • System consultants

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Your will learn:

Module 1: Introduction
  • Production Deployment
  • Herald the A in IAM
  • Describe the terminology of Identity
  • Describe how OpenAM secures assets
  • Define key OpenAM deployment terminology
  • Start and stop OpenAM
  • Navigate the administrator interface
  • Understand the different application integration paths for OpenAM
  • Visualize the structure and definition of OpenAM configuration
  • Manipulate the service definition and configuration
  • Examine realm configuration
  • Interpret OpenAM operational and debugging data
  • Use OpenAM monitoring effectively
  • React to different OpenAM issues and failures
  • Configure the different identity repositories in OpenAM
  • Map an OpenAM realm to an identity repository
  • Configure user self-service using the XUI
  • Configure user self-service using the classic UI
  • Theme the XUI end user interface for a realm
  • Customize the XUI layout
  • Localize the XUI
  • Customize the classic UI end user pages
  • Describe the authentication architecture of OpenAM
  • Unravel the authentication process
  • Configure and test the relationship between an authentication module and chain
  • Configure account lockout
  • Configure an authentication chain with the adaptive risk module
  • Use the Scripted authentication module to extend authentication
  • Appreciate the configuration options of Stateful and Stateless sessions
  • Comprehend the distributed session architecture
  • Examine your internal session
  • Explain the SSO obstacles of multiple domains
  • Investigate the security vulnerability of domain cookies
  • Illustrate key features of the policy framework
  • Enumerate and define the policy components
  • Chart the flow of policy evaluation
  • Examine alternative policy evaluation
  • Design Effective Policies
  • Configuring the Policy Configuration Service
  • Create policies
  • Defining authorization policies
  • Protecting REST endpoints
  • Delegating Administration
  • Using the ssoadm command to configure policies
  • Verifying Authorization using the REST interface
  • Contrast and compare different federation technologies
  • Understand how federation enables ubiquitous cloud identity
  • Describe the federation use cases
  • Describe the basic principles of the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) v2.0
  • Configure SAML v2.0 SSO federation using integrated mode within OpenAM
  • Create a Fedlet that integrates with a Service Provider applications for lightweight deployment
  • Configure SAML v2.0 Single Sign-On (SSO) federation using standalone mode within OpenAM
  • Describe how to establish OAuth 2.0 federation
  • Describe how to leverage the OAuth 2.0 handshake to ensure authentication through OpenID Connect
  • Plan, perform and perceive the installation
  • Describe the challenges of a production deployment
  • Review common deployment scenarios for OpenAM
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Course Prerequisites
  • Basic level knowledge in UNIX commands
  • Understanding knowledge of LDAP workings
  • Experience in HTTP and web applications
  • Basic level knowledge in Java

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to accomplish:

  • A better understanding of modern identity challenges
  • Functional knowledge of Open AM
  • Integration on web based applications

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