Cyber Security Awareness

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Norman Lardizabal

I have watched all the videos and I am very much satisfied with the content and presentation.


Bhushanjha Bharat

The training was absolutely superb and I genuinely enjoyed each and every session of it. The content was extremely informative and incredibly useful. I have attended several pieces of training before but I can't recall any of them having such a strong impact. You have done a wonderful job and I appreciate your efforts.


Michael Lukas

Yes the materials are really helpful and will definitely come back to you for more.


Darrel Smith

I have watched about 95% of the recordings, it worked well for me. I will likely schedule more flexi classes once I have completed the test on this first one.


Sushmita Roy

Yes i was able to complete the course. It was helpful. Thanks for all your support!


James Kubisky

Hi Steve - It went well. That Flexi was great.


Ralf Hornik

I was quite satisfied and got all to know what I need to. So all well done. Thanks



Overall I had a great experience and definitely coming back right after I finish the exam. I am thinking of taking Dev-Ope Leader course. Thank you for your support

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Yes, you do. Flexi Videos do not include Course-Book or Labs.

Yes, you can pay from this web page.

Yes, Course-Book and Lab are not included in the annual plan. All Flexi videos are included.

It is only for one user.

Yes, contact us for corporate packages.

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It’s a unique subscription plan where customers can avail unlimited Flexi courses within a year.

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No, this is limited to one user and its non-transferable.

No, the Flexi annual subscription does not cover videos that are mandatorily bundled with courseware and labs

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