NGINX Controller Course Overview

NGINX Controller Course Overview

The NGINX Controller certification validates a professional's skills to manage, configure, and monitor services in an NGINX-distributed environment. It's all about demonstrating an individual's proficiency in utilizing NGINX Controller for load balancing, content caching, media streaming, and securing applications. Industries use this certification to vet potential employees, increasing their confidence in a candidate's capabilities to handle tasks related with NGINX Controller. The certification involves understanding the architecture, installation, and functioning of the NGINX Controller, focusing on its core features like traffic management, security controls, and troubleshooting techniques. Achieving this certification showcases a professional's expertise in optimizing the performance and security of their organization’s applications using NGINX Controller.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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Course Prerequisites

• Basic knowledge of TCP/IP networking
• Understanding of HTTP, server-side web technologies
• Experience with Linux system administration
• Familiarity with installing and configuring NGINX software
• Knowledge of SSL/TLS and Certificates
• Basic coding or scripting experience especially in server-side languages.

NGINX Controller Certification Training Overview

NGINX Controller certification training provides a deep understanding of how to manage, monitor and configure APIs and applications with NGINX Controller. The course covers a range of topics including creating and managing API definitions, managing app lifecycle, securing apps with authentication and understanding load balancing concepts. The training equips individuals with essential skills to effectively use NGINX controller in deploying and managing app-based infrastructures and provides a validation of these skills through certification.

Why Should You Learn NGINX Controller?

Learning the NGINX Controller course provides individuals with the skills to manage, monitor, and analyze the performance of web services. This course benefits understanding how to orchestrate application delivery, improve application uptime, ease troubleshooting and achieve robust security across your enterprise. It boosts employability in the competitive IT infrastructure space.

Target Audience for NGINX Controller Certification Training

- IT Administrators who handle server operations.
- System Engineers tasked with managing workloads on cloud or on-premises.
- DevOps teams working on application delivery and management.
- Security Engineers involved in managing network security.
- IT professionals interested in learning about load balancing and server management.
- Software developers interested in server configuration and optimization.

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NGINX Controller Skills Measured

After completing the NGINX Controller certification training, an individual can gain several skills. These include understanding and implementing NGINX Controller for managing, monitoring, and analyzing NGINX Plus instances. They will also learn how to manage application delivery, set up instance groups, design and maintain deployment architectures, and ensure security and performance analytics. They will gain expertise in implementing load balancing, content caching, and microservices for both cloud-based and on-premise environments. Furthermore, they get adept at troubleshooting common issues and implementing best practices for optimizing application delivery.

Top Companies Hiring NGINX Controller Certified Professionals

IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Dell, Accenture, and Amazon Web Services are a few top companies hiring NGINX Controller certified professionals. These companies require professionals with proficiency in NGINX for managing, monitoring, and debugging their advanced load balancing, web and application delivery needs.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this NGINX Controller Course?

The primary learning objectives of the NGINX Controller course are to equip learners with fundamental knowledge and practical skills needed to administer and monitor the NGINX Controller. Learners will understand the Architecture of the NGINX Controller and learn how to install, set up, and configure the Controller. Furthermore, they will learn about the configuration and management of Load Balancer and API Management Modules, how to analyse data and generate insightful reports, and troubleshoot common issues. Learners will also gain hands-on experience with real-world scenarios to better understand the application of concepts and best practices in effectively managing and optimizing the performance of applications.