F5 BIG IP LTM Certification Training Course Overview

This course is designed to help learners in building their own lab topology in order to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to manage the F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery Controller (ADC) appliance, including the Local Traffic Manager (LTM) module. We use detailed explanations and presentations to prepare learners for real-world application and success in earning the F5 BIG-IP Administrator certification. This class walks you through the stepwise process of how to construct your own lab environment, and do what you envision in the videos. Your exercise will serve you in mastering F5 technologies.

Who should do this course?

  • System Administrators
  • Network Administrators
  • Network Operators
  • Architects
This course prepares you for Exam 301A & 301B.

F5 BIG IP LTM (24 Hours) Download Course Contents

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Live Virtual Classroom (Instructor-Led)
Duration : 3 Days (6 Days for 4 Hours/Day)
Fee : 800 (Includes Taxes) 
9 AM - 5 PM (Flexible Time Slots for 4 hours option)

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8 Hours/Day
8 Hours/Day
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Course Prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of IPv4 networking.


Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Configuring a log source
  • Configuring syslog forwarding in BIG-IP LTM
  • Configuring Remote Syslog for F5 BIG-IP LTM 11.x
  • Configuring Remote Syslog for F5 BIG-IP LTM 10.x
  • Configuring Remote Syslog for F5 BIG-IP LTM 9.4.2 to 9.4.8
  • F5 Networks BIG-IP AFM
  • F5 Networks BIG-IP APM
  • Configuring F5 Networks BIG-IP ASM
  • F5 Networks BIG-IP LTM
  • F5 Networks FirePass.

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Student Name Country Month Feedback Rating
Turky G. Alsanie United States Sep-2020 A1. The trainer did provide great personality and was respectful, however I see that the course could benefit from focusing on specific objectives that are vital for the intended audience of the F5 for Administration and better material. The trainer should also gain more knowledge of F5 to provide simplified training that grabs the trainees and let them know the things that they should be aware of and focus on that. As sometimes the trainer focused too long on subjects that are not necessary.
Patrice Chaura United States Sep-2020 A1. Gave us great guide in how to implement the F5 platform in production
Peter Kahiro United States Jun-2020 A3. Sure
Tei Benjamin Kwame United States Jan-2020 A1. He is a friendly and open minded person and not limited to what he is supposed to lecture on. He allows dialogue and open to ideas as well. He goes the extra mile to ensure the student is comfortable both in class and outside the class.
Bassam S. Bin Saeed United States Dec-2019 A3. Yes
Haitham Al Shaeibi United States Sep-2019 A2. Koenig Solutions still in old fashion in matter of training materials and equipment, "PCs, Screens, office design" all of these should be changed to the better. Keoing Solutions must helping a student in order of exam not only course
Namit Swar United States Jan-2019 AWS solutions Architecht


No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

The cost is USD 180.

LTM (Local Traffic Manager) is the most popular module provided on F5 Networks BIG IP Platform. It enables you to manage network traffic by choosing the correct destination on the basis of server performance, security and availability.

BIG IP is a combination of hardware and software that works as a load balancer as well as a full proxy. It enables you to control the traffic passing through your network, enabling performance optimization. Also, BIG IP application delivery controllers help in keeping your applications up-to-date.