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Placement Agencies

We solicit tie-ups with placement
agencies to jointly serve their clients with
pre-trained candidates.

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Rahul Saini

I completed a 2-month computer training program with Koenig Solutions for aspiring Service Reliability Engineers. The curriculum was thorough, with hands-on lab experiences. Thanks to Mr. Vikas Hangloo for his patient teaching style. I'm well-prepared for my upcoming interviews and highly recommend Koenig Solutions for career advancement.

Bunty Makhija

Thankful for an enriching 2-month training at Koenig Solutions. The program provided exceptional insights and skills through a comprehensive curriculum, real-world examples, and interactive sessions. Tailored for professional growth, it equipped me for future challenges. Huge thanks to the entire team.

Darshita Singh

I had a transformative 2-month training journey at Koenig Solutions. Their expert trainers, comprehensive curriculum, and hands-on exercises equipped me to tackle my job interview and secure placement. Their all-encompassing learning experience, mainly the career services, guided me through every step. I owe my career launch to Koenig Solutions and highly recommend their IT programs..

For Employers

Trained Fresher Hiring EEDS

Employment Exchange for Digital skills (EEDS) is Koenig's initiative to bridge the gap between talent & employers in India. This is a new way to hire in bulk with significant cost saving and better talent for the employers.

Employers only onboard candidates after the successful completion of their training
  • Sourcing of proficient candidates ready for deployment.
  • Freshers are trained as per the job requirements of the client. Charges applicable.
  • After training completion, they will be evaluated and hired by the employer only if found suitable. Charges applicable per candidate that are hired and joins.
  • Candidate Performance Report during training period is shared regularly with the employer.
  • There will be Zero salary cost for the employer during the training period.

Both, Koenig and the employer, will be involved in shortlisting candidates for the training.

We conduct regular assessments to ensure the effectiveness of the training.

Experienced Professional Hiring(Companies/Placement agencies)

We specialize in a wide range of industries, including Telecom, IT, finance, manufacturing, and more. Our services are designed to cater to diverse industry needs.

Yes, we only charge if the candidates are hired.

For every successful placement, a small placement fee will be charged to placement agencies/ Hiring Companies

When you have a client in need of candidates, simply contact our dedicated team. We will work closely with you to understand the specific requirements and work with you to search for candidates, provide the training, and then offer to your clients for hiring.

We offer a high degree of flexibility in customizing training content. Our team will collaborate with you to create tailored training modules that align with your client's specific business needs and requirements.

There will be a partnership agreement outlining the terms and conditions, including the fee structure and expectations. We aim to keep the process transparent and mutually beneficial for both parties.

Our candidate sourcing and recruitment process involves a thorough evaluation of skills, certifications, and industry knowledge. We utilize industry experts and subject matter experts to ensure that candidates meet the highest standards.

We have a system in place for tracking and reporting candidate progress and performance during the Training period. We will provide you with regular reports of assessment to keep you informed about the candidate’s progress.

For Colleges/ Students

Registration is open for all graduates who are India-based. Admission to EEDS program is subject to meeting the eligibility criteria of our various employing clients.

Koenig team, along with the potential employer, will be involved in the selection process. The candidates will be evaluated on their technical and soft skills.

We cannot guarantee a job, as it is dependent on many factors. The training program is designed to enhance your skills and increase your employability.

If you are a graduate and unemployed, you can join our EEDS program.

After getting hired by an employer, your working days and timings will be as per the hiring company’s policy.

Your job location will be as per the hiring employer’s requirements.

This will be as per the requirement of the employer.

Yes. After the EEDS training, it is not mandatory to accept the employment offer.