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Bangalore or Bengaluru is the third-most-populous city in India and it attracts entrepreneurs, startups, tech experts, etc. IT professionals and the industry hopefuls commonly refer to it as the Silicon Valley of India, and deservedly so - the city is India’s leading exporter of IT to the rest of the world. It headquarters ISRO, Infosys, HAL, and Wipro. India’s biggest startups began their journeys in this city. Little wonder, it has the best startup environment and innovation by a magazine survey. The city attracts millions of IT professional to keep the IT dream alive.

Koenig Solutions can help you be a part of this burgeoning dream. We will help you stay ahead of the competition curve with our hands-on labs along with the high-quality content prepared by experts in the field. Take-on your exam with confidence after you finish your training for a CEH Certification in Bangalore from Koenig Solutions.

You are on the right track if you are thinking of doing a CEH certification in Bangalore as some of the most promising Indian startups and the biggest companies of the world have offices in this city, also known as the Silicon Valley of India. Today, companies across the world are struggling with the issue of data and network security. In fact, as per the 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study sponsored by IBM, the global average cost of data breach comes around $3.62 million.

Completing the CEH training in Bangalore can make it easier for companies to assess individuals for positions in IT Security and improve your job prospects. At Koenig, we offer the best CEH course in Bangalore because of our commitment to provide the best instructors who will make you go through some of the most relevant tools and tricks to help you think ahead of a potential hacker.

You will find no other ethical hacking course in Bangalore, except the one at Koenig that will train you on the latest security threats, hacking techniques, and expose you to tools that can help you penetrate and test network security. Our intensive learning environment at the lab will teach you how to perform perimeter defensing and spot vulnerabilities in a network, and a lot more.

Who should do a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Training Certification?

CEH training is ideal for the following IT professionals:

  • Network Security Engineers
  • Network Security Analysts
  • Cyber Security Engineers

What is the Main Purpose Behind the Certified Ethical Hacker Training?

  • The CEH certification helps establish and govern minimum standards for professional information security specialists in ethical hacking measures.
  • To inform individuals and enterprises that there are individuals who meet or exceed the minimum standards in ethical hacking.
  • Help reiterate an important point that ethical hacking can be a self-regulating profession.
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Course Content / Exam(s)

Schedule for Certified Ethical Hacker Training (CEH v9 Certification)

Course Exam Regular Track (days)
Certified Ethical Hacker v9 312-50 5
Total 5

CEH v9 Certification Course Prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of Networking
  • Basic Knowledge of server and network components.

Benefits of Certified Ethical Hacking Training

Few of the benefits of the Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) certification include:

  • The demand for CEH professionals is quite high as companies are looking to prevent the loss of customer confidence and the resultant monetary losses because of data breaches.
  • Once you successfully complete your CEH certification you can then aim for advanced certifications in the IT security domain such as IT auditing, penetration testing, and IT Forensics.
  • The CEH course can help you understand the lifecycle of security threats and prepare you on steps that you can take to safeguard systems, networks, and devices.
  • With this course, you can start thinking like a hacker and take preventive instead of reactionary measures, thereby saving a lot of time, effort, and cost of the organization you work for.

Give an edge to your career with EC-Council certification training courses. Students can join the classes for Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH v9) certification training course at Koenig Campus located at New Delhi, Bengaluru, Shimla, Goa, Dehradun, Dubai & Instructor-Led Online.

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Schedule & Prices

Delivery Mode Location Course Duration Fees  Schedule
Instructor-Led Online Training (1-on-1) Client's Home/Office5 Days $ 1,450 As per mutual convenience (4-Hours Evenings & Weekends Possible
Classroom Training * Dubai 5 Days $ 2,910 On Request
Delhi, Bangalore, Dehradun (Rishikesh), Goa, Shimla 5 Days $ 1,720 26-30 Mar 2018, 1-6 Apr 2018, 2-6 Apr 2018, 7-11 May 2018, 22-26 May 2018, 4-8 Jun 2018
11 Days $ 2,840 On Request
Fly-Me-a-Trainer Client's Location5 Days On Request As per mutual convenience


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What is an Ethical Hacker?

A certified ethical hacker is a person with the skills of an IT professional who knows how to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities of a system. The professional then uses the discovery in a legitimate way, within the laws of a country, to give an assessment of the security situation.

To attain the ceh certification, a student must sit for a CEHv9 course which majors on network security and assessing security systems using penetration testing techniques.

What is the percentage of practical in the course?

This course of 75% practical and 25% theory , theory is practical oriented only.

How likely I can clear the exam ?

Our pass percentage is 98%, so most of our student manage to clear certification.

What jobs I can get after CEH?

One can get position , of Vulnerability Assessment , Penetration tester, System Security Engineer, and other relevant system security position.

How much does a Certified Ethical Hacker earn?

A Certified Ethical Hacker certification can earn you, an average handsome salary from $24,760 to $111,500. This is not all. They may get a bonus or an incentive, in addition to this, ranging from $0.00 to $17,500. Therefore, a CEH can earn starting from $247,60 to as high as $132,322.

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