Open Source/Digital Forensics- Network Investigation

Digital Forensics- Network Investigation Certification Training Course Overview

Network Forensics is a branch of Digital Forensics that helps collect evidence against cyber criminals and aids in proving their malign intentions. If you want to become a forensic investigator, this network forensics course is the right way forward. Learn about systematically identifying intrusions, gathering information, and collecting legal evidence against black hat hackers and network intruders.

Digital Forensics- Network Investigation (40 Hours) Download Course Contents

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Group Training
18 - 22 Oct GTR 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM CST
(8 Hours/Day)

01 - 05 Nov GTR 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM CST
(8 Hours/Day)

06 - 10 Dec GTR 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM CST
(8 Hours/Day)

1-on-1 Training (GTR)
4 Hours
8 Hours
Week Days

Start Time : At any time

12 AM
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GTR=Guaranteed to Run
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Course Modules

Module 1: Investigation Strategies
  • Concepts of Digital Evidence
  • Challenges Relating to Evidence
  • Network Forensics Investigation Methodologies
Module 2: Technical Fundamentals
  • Source of Network Based Evidence
  • Principals of Internetworking
  • IP Suite
Module 3: Evidence Acquisition
  • Network Traffic Acquisition Software
  • Active Acquisition
Module 4: Network Packet Analysis
  • Protocol Analysis
  • Packet Analysis
  • Flow Analysis
  • Higher layer traffic Analysis
Module 5: Statistical Flow Analysis
  • Sensor
  • Flow Record Export Protocol
  • Collection and Aggregation
  • Analysis
Module 6: Wireless Network Forensics
  • Wireless traffic capture and analysis
  • Common Attacks
  • Locating Wireless Devices
Module 7: Network Intrusion Detection and Analysis
  • NIDS/NIPS Functionality
  • Modes of Detection
  • Snort and packet logging
Module 8: Event Log Aggregation, Correlation and Analysis
  • Source of Logs
  • Network Log Architecture
  • Collecting and Analyzing Evidence
Module 9: Switches, Routers and Firewalls
  • Switches: Why Investigate Switches?
  • Content-Addressable Memory Table
  • Switch Evidence
  • Router: Why Investigates Routers?
  • Router Evidence
  • Logging
Module 10: Web Proxies
  • Web Proxy Functionality
  • Evidence under Web Proxy
  • Web Proxy Analysis
  • Encrypted Web Traffic
Module 11: Network Tunneling
  • Covert Tunnelin
  • DNS Tunnels
  • ICMP Tunnel Analysis
Module 12: Malware Forensics
  • Botnets
  • Encryption and Obfuscation
  • Network Behavior of Malware
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Course Prerequisites

Before attending this course, students should have one year of experience managing Windows/Unix/Linux systems or have equivalent knowledge and skills

  • Good Understanding of TCP/IP is required
  • It is recommended that CEH is done before CHFI.

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • identify and analyze security attacks
  • NIDS evidence gathering
  • Acquisition process
  • Flow Analysis
  • Protocol Analysis
  • Wireless Network Analysis
  • Event Correlation and Aggregation.

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