Configuring Cisco Unified Computing System (DCCUCS) v1.0 Course Overview

Configuring Cisco Unified Computing System (DCCUCS) v1.0 Course Overview

The Configuring Cisco Unified Computing System (DCCUCS) v1.0 course provides comprehensive Cisco UCS training aimed at equipping learners with the skills necessary to implement and maintain Cisco UCS servers effectively. Covering a breadth of topics from SAN essentials to advanced scripting options and monitoring, this course offers an extensive understanding of the Cisco UCS Manager and associated technologies.

Through this instructor-led or virtual training program, participants will delve into hands-on labs, gaining practical experience that will be invaluable for server administrators, network engineers, and other IT professionals. Notably, learners will explore Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect, RBAC, external authentication providers, and key management, among other areas. By the end of the Cisco UCS Manager training, students will be adept in deploying robust UCS solutions, enhancing their credentials in the Data Center domain.

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Course Prerequisites

Prerequisites for the Configuring Cisco Unified Computing System (DCCUCS) v1.0 course:

  • Basic understanding of computer hardware and server technology.
  • Familiarity with Ethernet and TCP/IP networking concepts.
  • Knowledge of Cisco networking and the basics of routing and switching.
  • Awareness of SAN technology and data storage concepts.
  • Experience with server virtualization (e.g., VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V).
  • Interest in learning about Cisco's Unified Computing System and data center solutions.

Recommended Cisco courses to prepare for this course:

  • Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA) v1.0, for a foundational understanding of Cisco networking.
  • Understanding Cisco Data Center Foundations (DCFNDU) v1.0, for an introduction to data center infrastructure.
  • Implementing and Operating Cisco Data Center Core Technologies (DCCOR), for a comprehensive view of data center technologies.
  • Introducing Cisco Unified Computing System (DCIUCS) v1.0, for a focused overview of Cisco UCS.
  • Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking (DCICN) v6.2 and Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies (DCICT) v6.2, for foundational data center networking and technology skills.

The above prerequisites are designed to ensure that learners have the necessary background to grasp the complex concepts and hands-on tasks presented in the course. However, motivated individuals with a keen interest in Cisco data center technologies are encouraged to reach out to Koenig Solutions for guidance on how best to prepare for this course, even if they do not meet all the recommended prerequisites.

Target Audience for Configuring Cisco Unified Computing System (DCCUCS) v1.0

The Configuring Cisco Unified Computing System (DCCUCS) course is designed for IT professionals who specialize in data center solutions and server management.

• Server Administrators

• Network Engineers

• Systems Engineers

• Consulting Systems Engineers

• Technical Solutions Architects

• Network Administrators

• Storage Administrators

• Network Managers

• Cisco Integrators and Partners

• Data Center Operations Staff

• IT Professionals seeking Cisco UCS certification

• Infrastructure Architects with a focus on Cisco technologies

• Professionals responsible for implementing and managing virtualized environments using Cisco UCS

• Technical Support Personnel involved in Cisco UCS maintenance and troubleshooting

• IT Managers looking to understand Cisco UCS infrastructure

• Cloud Engineers working with Cisco UCS infrastructure

• Security Engineers concerned with data center security protocols

• Compliance Officers managing data center standards and practices

• Technical Consultants involved in Cisco UCS design and deployment services

• IT Decision Makers evaluating Cisco UCS solutions for enterprise environments

• Professional and Career Advancers seeking skill enhancement in Cisco data center technologies

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Configuring Cisco Unified Computing System (DCCUCS) v1.0?

Introduction to Learning Outcomes

The DCCUCS v1.0 course equips learners with comprehensive skills in configuring and managing Cisco Unified Computing Systems, focusing on SAN, service profiles, RBAC, and scripting options.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Understand and implement Cisco UCS SAN with focus on VSANs, Fibre Channel, and FCoE connectivity.
  • Gain proficiency in configuring Cisco UCS policies for service profiles, including storage, BIOS, and boot policies.
  • Master Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) on Cisco UCS, defining users, roles, privileges, organizations, and locales.
  • Learn to integrate external authentication providers with Cisco UCS Manager for enhanced security.
  • Develop skills in managing key infrastructure using Cisco UCS Manager's key management features.
  • Get acquainted with Cisco UCS Director's functionalities, including managing compute, orchestration, and monitoring.
  • Explore Cisco Intersight for cloud-based UCS management and its essential features.
  • Discover the scripting capabilities of Cisco UCS Manager using XML API, PowerTool, and Python SDK for automation.
  • Implement effective monitoring strategies with Cisco UCS Manager, including SNMP considerations and Call Home feature.
  • Perform practical lab exercises to reinforce concepts such as configuring zoning, VSANs, and user authentication.