Data Center Foundation Course Overview

Data Center Foundation Course Overview

The Data Center Foundation course is a comprehensive program designed to equip learners with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to understand and manage data centers efficiently. Throughout the course, participants will delve into the evolution of data centers, explore various types and definitions, and learn about the intricate relationship between data centers and business operations.

With a focus on data center standards, site selection, and facility areas, the course ensures that learners grasp the core principles that govern data center efficiency and reliability. From power infrastructure components, such as UPS systems and generators, to cooling and security systems, students will gain insights into critical operational aspects. Additionally, the course covers network infrastructure, fire suppression, and monitoring and reporting, using tools like DCIM and EMS/BMS. This foundational knowledge is essential for professionals aiming to contribute to the high-availability and optimized performance of data centers in a rapidly evolving IT landscape.

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  • Live Online Training (Duration : 16 Hours)
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Course Prerequisites

Certainly! Given the context of the Data Center Foundation course provided, the following prerequisites are suggested for students wishing to enroll:

  • Basic understanding of IT principles and terminology, to ensure comprehension of the technical language used throughout the course.
  • Familiarity with computer hardware and network components, as these are fundamental to data center operations.
  • An interest in data center operations and infrastructure, to ensure engagement with the course material.
  • Willingness to learn about industry standards and best practices related to data centers.
  • Basic knowledge of electrical and cooling systems is helpful, though not mandatory, as these concepts will be covered in the course.

These prerequisites are designed to ensure students have a foundational base of knowledge that will enable them to successfully grasp the concepts presented in the Data Center Foundation course. No advanced technical skills are required to begin this training, making it accessible to individuals who are new to the field or looking to expand their expertise in data center operations.

Target Audience for Data Center Foundation

The Data Center Foundation course by Koenig Solutions equips professionals with essential data center knowledge, from infrastructure to management.

  • IT Infrastructure Managers
  • Data Center Managers
  • Operations/Project Managers
  • Facilities Managers
  • Network Engineers
  • Design/Build Consultants
  • Data Center Technicians
  • Systems Engineers
  • IT Consultants
  • Compliance Auditors
  • Network/System Administrators
  • Security Managers
  • Electrical/Mechanical Engineers involved in data center operations
  • CTOs and CIOs looking to understand data center design and operation
  • Professionals seeking to enter the data center industry
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Professionals
  • Architects and Engineers who design and build data centers

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Data Center Foundation?

  1. Introduction: The Data Center Foundation course provides comprehensive insights into the design, infrastructure, and operation of data centers, aligning with industry standards and business objectives.

  2. Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Understand the evolution and types of data centers to appreciate current trends and design philosophies.
  • Recognize the strategic role of data centers in supporting core business functions and services.
  • Identify key data center standards, rating systems, and compliance requirements to ensure operational excellence.
  • Learn the critical factors influencing data center site selection to optimize performance and minimize risks.
  • Examine various areas within a data center and their specific functions for efficient space utilization and workflow.
  • Explore different topology designs and their corresponding ratings to select the appropriate architecture for resilience and reliability.
  • Gain knowledge of the complete power infrastructure, including utility power, backup systems, and power distribution mechanisms.
  • Understand lighting requirements, including emergency lighting protocols, to maintain a safe and compliant environment.
  • Comprehend the essentials of cooling infrastructure to manage thermal load and ensure equipment longevity.
  • Get acquainted with network infrastructure components, including cabling standards and equipment racks, for robust IT operations.
  • Learn about comprehensive security measures, from perimeter defense to access controls, to safeguard data center assets.
  • Understand fire detection and suppression systems to minimize the risk of fire-related incidents and ensure continuous operation.
  • Discover the importance of monitoring and reporting tools like DCIM and EMS/BMS for proactive management of data center environments.