10266A: C# Essentials Training & Certification Course

  • Overview

    This course focuses on C# program structure, implementation, and language syntax. In this course, lower-intermediate level programmers will gain the skills and knowledge they need to create C# applications. This course will also teach students about the .NET Framework, using C# and Visual Studio for building .NET Framework applications.

    Audience : This course is best suited for beginners programmers / developers.

    Course Objectives

    • Creating Projects Within Visual Studio 2010
    • Writing a C# Application
    • Building a Graphical Application
    • Verifying the Application
    • Implementing a Generic Interface
    • Implementing a Test Harness for the BinaryTree Project
    • Generating Documentation for an Application
    • Creating and Using Arrays
    • Calculating Square Roots with Improved Accuracy
    • Specifying Optional Parameters and Output Parameters
    • Calculating the GCD of Three, Four, or Five Integers
    • Using Inheritance to Define New Reference Types
    • Implementing a Generic Method
    • Implementing an Enumerator by Using an Iterator
    • Integrating Code Written by Using a Dynamic Language into a C# Application
    • Using a COM Component from Visual C# Application

    Course Details / Exam(s)

    Schedule for 10266A: C# Essentials
    Course # Course Contents Fast Track
    10266A Programming in C# 5
    Total 5
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    Ibrahim Saad Abdulhamid  Almahanawi Koenig IT Training Student

    Hello every one, I would like to thank everyone who supported me, I really spent very unforgettable moments in Koenig with a very marvelous team, specially my great teacher, she is really very smart,...

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    Dut Majak Deng  Majak Deng Min Koenig IT Training Student

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    We are from Ghana and currently working with Electricity Company of Ghana as Programmers. We came to acquire knowledge in Microsoft VB.NET and MCTS Web Application Development with Microsoft. NET...

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