Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers (BGP) v4.0 Quiz Questions and Answers

Which statement about the AS is true?

Answer :
  • The AS is a collection of networks that is under a single administrative domain.

What is the default value of weight for the local route?

Answer :
  • 32768

What is preferred for the aspath-list?

Answer :
  • lower-list

Which three attributes are BGP mandatory well-known attributes? (Choose three.)

Answer :
  • next-hop
  • AS-path
  • origin

Which three possible values are assigned to the BGP origin attribute? (Choose three.)

Answer :
  • IGP
  • EGP
  • unknown

Which nontransitive optional BGP attribute is useful in assisting with the route selection process when multiple links to another AS exist?

Answer :
  • MED

Which three statements regarding the BGP AS-path attribute are true? (Choose three.)

Answer :
  • The local AS number is prepended to the AS path each time that the route crosses an AS boundary.
  • The AS that originally injected the route into BGP is always found at the right-most end of the AS path.
  • The AS-path attribute can be used to avoid routing loops.

Which description applies to the local preference attribute?

Answer :
  • well-known discretionary

What is indicated by the idle state in the output of the show ip bgp summary command?

Answer :
  • The router is not attempting to establish a connection with a neighbor.

What does the TblVer field indicate in the output of the show ip bgp summary command?

Answer :
  • the last version of the BGP database that was sent to that neighbor