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Enterprise networking is a very big part of building, deploying, and maintaining software within organizations. Enterprise networks are what connect and integrate all the working technological elements of an organization. Enterprise network connects all the devices at the company, the employees, tools, and machines used at the organization, as well as all its applications. Automation has made it possible to scale this enterprise network solution to whatever size the company needs, and Cisco Courses offer working professionals the opportunity to master the field of enterprise networks and its various elements.
Cisco is one of the leading technology solutions organizations, and becoming a Cisco certified professional will really help candidates grow and enhance their career and take it to the next level. Check out some of the popular Cisco Enterprise courses to enrol today.

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Cisco Enterprise Certification Training Courses 

Cisco offers some of the best certifications in the field of the enterprise network. Since there are many organizations around the world that use solutions offered by Cisco, completing Cisco enterprise certification courses will help working professionals advance their careers. Enterprise network focuses on integrating all aspects of an organization with one singular workflow, which helps optimize all processes, eliminate repetitive and unnecessary processes, as well as streamline all functions of an organization. 
Enterprise network enables organizations to work cohesively as a single unit and helps them achieve optimization of all processes in an Agile environment. There are many Cisco certifications available for working professionals to complete and gain more knowledge of enterprise networks using Cisco, and they are available from an Associate level to an Advanced level as well. Some of the popular Cisco enterprise certification training courses are listed below.

Popular Cisco Enterprise Certification Training Courses 

Cisco Certified Network Associate (200-301 CCNA) Certification Training Course

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (200-301 CCNA) certification training course is an entry-level certification. Anybody who is interested in understanding more about enterprise networks and wants to learn about the basic tools and fundamentals of Cisco's enterprise network solutions should take this certification training course. The CCNA certification teaches learners all the fundamentals of enterprise networks, network access concepts, IP services as well as IP connectivity, all the fundamentals involved in network security, as well as basics of programmability and automation. 

Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR) 350-401 Certification Training Course

The Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR) 350-401 certification training course is designed for candidates who already have an understanding of enterprise networks and want to learn more about the core technologies involved in creating and maintaining an enterprise network with the technologies provided by Cisco. The Cisco ENCOR certification examination is necessary for two courses offered by Cisco, which are CCNP and CCIE enterprise certifications. 
The certification training course is designed to help candidates learn how to implement core enterprise network technologies, such as:
  • Dual stack architecture (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • Infrastructure
  • Network assurance
  • Virtualization
  • Automation
  • Security

Implementing Cisco Collaboration Core Technologies (CLCOR) 350-801 Certification Training Course

The Implementing Cisco Collaboration Core Technologies (CLCOR) 350-801 certification training course examination comes with the CCNP certification training course as well as the CCIE certification. The certification training course is designed to help working professionals understand and gain the skills and expertise required to implement networking technologies at their organization. They will also be able to design and implement various core collaboration tools at the company.
The core collaboration technologies involved in the Implementing Cisco Collaboration Core Technologies, Cisco CLCOR certification training course include various collaboration applications of Cisco, Protocols, QoS, codecs, and endpoints, Cisco IOS XE gateway, infrastructure, design, and various media resources.

Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (ENARSI) 300-410 Certification Training Course

The Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (ENARSI) 300-410 certification training course is a five-day certification course that teaches candidates how to successfully install, configure, operate and monitor an enterprise network using Cisco technologies. The certification also teaches learners how to troubleshoot an enterprise network. The candidates of this certification training course will learn advanced routing techniques and services such as infrastructure security, infrastructure services, VPN services, infrastructure automation, and Layer 3.

Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions (ENSDWI) 300-415 Certification Training Course

The Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions (ENSDWI) 300-415 certification training course is designed for network administrators who want to learn more about the SD-WAN solution offered by Cisco. The Cisco SD-WAN certification training course teaches working professionals the core fundamentals and advanced techniques to create an SD-WAN architecture, deploy WAN edge router, deploy controllers, and more.
Candidates also learn about the different policies involved, how to maintain a standard of quality for service, security, management, operations, and multicast. After candidates clear the certification examination, they become Cisco certified specialists in Enterprise SD-WAN Implementation.

Who Can Take Up Cisco Enterprise Certification Training?

Job roles that can benefit from Cisco Enterprise certification training include:
  • Network administrators
  • System administrators
  • System engineers
  • Network engineers
  • Database administrators
  • Network specialists
  • Network consultants
  • IT managers
  • Database consultants
  • Network developers
  • Enterprise network engineers
  • Individuals who are looking to gain a proper understanding of Cisco Enterprise knowledge
  • Individuals who are looking to clear relevant Cisco Enterprise certification exams

Reasons to choose Cisco Enterprise Certification Training from Koenig Solutions

  • All combinations of Cisco Enterprise  certification courses provided at one place
  • Expert Cisco Enterprise instructors with real-world experience and expertise to train you to the best of your abilities
  • Cisco Enterprise training course materials developed by industry experts who have an in-depth understanding of enterprise networking concepts and best practices
  • Be part of an instructor-led Cisco Enterprise training from an Authorized Cisco Learning Partner 
  • Flexible timeslots of 8 hours or 4 hours per day options on weekdays and weekends respectively to take up their Cisco Enterprise certification training
  • Achieve widely-acknowledged Cisco Enterprise course completion certificate from Koenig Solutions 
  • Be part of Cisco Enterprise certification courses that are 'Guaranteed to Run' and one which offers with 'Exam Pass Guarantee'
  • Get Cisco Enterprise multiple practice test question papers along with answers and explanations
  • Get your doubts resolved even after completing your training

Benefits of Cisco Enterprise Certification Training 

Benefits of taking part in one or multiple Cisco Enterprise certification training courses. Some of them are:
  • Certified professionals can successfully integrate the entire organization and manage to get it to work together as one single unit
  • Cisco certified professionals are in high demand in the job market, and more and more companies are leaning towards enterprise-wide integration, making Cisco enterprise certifications a lucrative option
  • Candidates who complete the certifications will also be able to pursue higher and more advanced learning in a specialized field of enterprise networks
  • Certified professionals receive a significantly higher annual salary as compared to their non-certified counterparts

Cisco Enterprise Certification Process

Below are the steps to become a Cisco Enterprise certified professional:
  • Choose a relevant Cisco Enterprise certification course ideal for your career progression from a wide range of courses offered by an authorized Cisco Learning Partner in Koenig Solutions
  • Select a training schedule and mode of delivery  of choice
  • Receive Cisco Enterprise course materials which include the course syllabus, pre-reading materials, lab sessions, case studies, practice test questions, and more
  • Be part of an interactive instructor-led Cisco Enterprise certification training with both theory and hands-on practical sessions
  • Take up Cisco Enterprise practice tests to familiarize yourself with the certification exam formats
  • Create a successful Cisco career path with the Cisco Enterprise training program by becoming the most sought-after professional worldwide.

Salary prospects for Cisco Enterprise Certified Professionals

When organizations are undergoing a digital transformation by embracing emerging technologies, it is critical for them to create a robust enterprise networking architecture to address such demands. In this regard, Cisco Enterprise certifications are widely popular across industry sectors and will help professionals to stand out from the competition. Any professional with Cisco Enterprise certification credentials are highly sought-after and get better salaries as well. Let's check out the salaries of Cisco Enterprise certified professionals.

United States

USD 78,000 to USD 132,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 21,000 to 64,000


Rupees 7 lakhs to 18 lakhs 


AUD 74,000 to 123,000 


AED 263,000 to 445,000


SGD 65,000 to 146,000


Job Prospects for Cisco Enterprise Certified Professionals

Through the advancement of the latest technologies today, businesses are able to stay interconnected across people, machines, applications, and devices. With enterprise networking spread across physical, remote, cloud, and hybrid environments, it is critical for organizations to create a secure and scalable networking infrastructure. Cisco Enterprise certification training helps enterprises and professionals to gain a comprehensive understanding of offering holistic networking services. Some of the top companies that are hiring Cisco Enterprise certified professionals include Aston Technologies, Humana, Cloud Team, Hobby Lobby, Samsung, Excelraise, Lowe's, Apple, and more.
Do check out your local job listings to find relevant Cisco Enterprise job opportunities in your region.


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As part of your Cisco Enterprise certification training, you will receive:
  • Cisco Enterprise training pre-reading materials
  • Sample practice test questions
  • Key resources from both Cisco and Koenig Solutions
  • Exam Voucher
  • Course completion certificate

Candidates need to have completed the Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA) Cisco official training course to be eligible for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (200-301 CCNA certification exam.

The Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR) 350-401 certification exam is for 120 minutes.

Some of the Cisco Enterprise certification renewal timelines vary depending on the various levels that are part of Cisco Learning path: Below are the renewal intervals for Cisco Enterprise certifications:
  • Cisco Certified Architect certification validity is for 5 years
  • Cisco Specialist certifications are valid for 2 years
  • Cisco CCIE certifications are valid for 2 years
  • Professional, Associate, and Entry-level Cisco certifications are valid for 3 years
To maintain Cisco Enterprise certification credentials, one has get recertified within the timeline of the validity period.

Candidates who want to clear the Cisco Collaboration Core Technologies (CLCOR) 350-801 Certification Training examination need to have knowledge of basic networking tools and terms such as switching, routing, LANs, and WANs. They also need to have a working understanding of various digital interfaces like Voice over IP (VoIP) and Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTNs).

The Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (ENARSI) 300-410 certification exam is for 90 minutes.

While appearing for the  Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (ENARSI) 300-410 certification exam, candidates get tested on the following domains:
  • Infrastructure services
  • VPN technologies
  • Layer 3 technologies
  • Infrastructure security

Candidates have a total of 90 minutes to complete the Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions (ENSDWI) 300-415 certification examination.

The candidates get tested on the following domains while appearing for the Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions (ENSDWI) 300-415 certification examination:
  • Architecture
  • Router deployment
  • Security and quality of service
  • Controller deployment
  • Policies
  • Management and operations

The different domains being tested in the Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR) 350-401 certification exam are:
  • Network architecture
  • Network virtualization
  • Network infrastructure
  • Network assurance
  • Network security
  • Automation