Building Microservices With .NET Course Overview

Building Microservices With .NET Course Overview

Building Microservices with .NET certification provides an understanding of designing, developing and deploying maintainable microservices using Microsoft's .NET platform. It is about using .NET framework for creating scalable, independent and distributed systems. Microservices offer benefits such as independent deployment, technology diversity, and fault isolation which are crucial for industries to ensure high-quality application development. This certification is used by industries because it helps in overcoming challenges with monolithic systems by allowing the development of loosely coupled services, thereby increasing efficiency, flexibility, and enabling fast-paced and reliable software delivery.

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  • Live Online Training (Duration : 40 Hours)
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Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course. However, basic understanding of. NET programming and architecture concepts are helpful.

Target Audience for Building Microservices With .NET Certification Training

- Experienced .NET developers aiming to expand their skillset.
- IT professionals looking to understand microservices architecture.
- Web developers aiming to build scalable applications.
- Software engineers interested in learning about cloud-native applications.
- Teams looking to migrate monolithic applications to microservices.
- Individuals wanting to keep up with modern software development practices.

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Building Microservices With .NET Skills Measured

After completing Building Microservices With .NET certification training, an individual can gain skills in designing and developing microservice-based applications using .NET. They would learn to partition a monolithic application into various microservices, understand the communication between microservices, and manage data consistency. The training enhances their ability to implement serverless functions, containerize services, handle cross-cutting concerns, and automate the reconfiguration of applications. It builds their proficiency in using related tools and technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, and Azure Service Fabric.

Top Companies Hiring Building Microservices With .NET Certified Professionals

Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, Dell, and Amazon are amongst the top companies hiring professionals certified in Building Microservices with .NET. These organizations rely on such certified professionals to develop, implement, and manage microservices architectures for their software systems using the .NET framework.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Building Microservices With .NET Course?

Upon completion of the Building Microservices with .NET course, students should be able to understand the fundamental principles of Microservices and how they differ from monolithic applications. They will learn how to design, develop, and implement Microservices using .NET platform. Major focus would be on how to break down an application into separate services, each with its own bounded context and independent deployment. They should also be able to handle communication between Microservices, manage data consistency, and implement resilient and scalable Microservices. The course will also cover aspects such as how to test, secure, and deploy Microservices effectively.