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The Big Data Hadoop Certification training course is catered to meet the rising demand for data experts. Data scientists and analysts can greatly benefit from this certification training course because the program teaches learners the real-life skills they need to excel in the data analytics domain. Learners can work on building their data systems and big data analytics skills and get better job opportunities for themselves. Big Data Hadoop certification training courses will help professionals stay at par with the rising demand in data analytics and data processing across industry sectors.
Hadoop is open-source software that is used by many major corporations for their data processing and analytics. Some of the enterprises that use Hadoop include Adobe, Facebook, and more. The Big Data Hadoop certification training can help increase one’s options for growth in a career.

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Jayachandran K United States A1. The trainer is very well versed in the subject and good at taking the program from beginning to end with ease. He can answer our queries and is very supportive to complete the practical sessions. Due to his knowledge of the subject, the subject never looked complex.

Big Data Hadoop Certification Training 

Hadoop is an integral part of working with Big Data. If anyone wants to start or continue their career in that path, they need to learn how to work with Hadoop. The open-source platform was developed by Apache Hadoop to help companies process their big data. 
There are many certifications covering different aspects of Hadoop and its usage and at different levels of expertise. Big Data Hadoop certifications can range from beginner levels where people are interested in learning about the field of Big Data or have started working in the area, and those who want to learn how to use the platform in more detail. The courses are structured around topics such as learning ways in which one can deploy Hadoop in a clustered computing environment, securing server data, ways in which one can build data architectures, and more. The training courses teach learners how they can use Hadoop effectively in order to manage data architecture and Big Data. 
Big Data has grown in popularity with the rise of artificial intelligence and data-driven analytics and processes, as well as the Internet of Things. The need for managing data at a large scale has grown because of this, giving rise to the demand in Big Data management. This makes Hadoop certification training courses a good option for working professionals and those who aspire to work with Big Data.

Popular Big Data Hadoop Certification Training Courses 

Hadoop Developer with Spark Certification Training Course

The Hadoop Developer with Spark certification training course is created for those who are aspiring to start their career in IT, data management, and Big Data. It is also ideal for those who want to validate their current level of expertise. It is a globally-recognized certification in Big Data. Learners need to know how to program using languages such as Scala and Python along with Spark. 
The certification training course uses Scala to teach learners everything they need to know about Big Data and Hadoop. All the fundamentals are covered, and learners learn how to use Core Spark for their transformations and actions, how to use Spark SQL, different file formats, and more. They also learn about Flume and Spark Streaming and how to join data sets.

Cloudera Apache Hadoop Administration Certification Training Course

The Cloudera Apache Hadoop Administration certification training course is a foundation course ideal for learners who want to master data administration using Hadoop and Cloudera. The certification training course teaches candidates how to become proficient in operating clusters in Cloudera Hadoop. The course provides learners with hands-on training methods to help them adapt to the data administrator job role in their workplace.
Those working professionals who already work as data administrators can complete this certification course to validate their skills as well. The course structure revolves around learning how to use Cloudera Hadoop to perform various tasks such as planning, installation, configuration, integration of Active Directory, and more. They also learn how to successfully secure the Cloudera Hadoop Cluster, ways to install and upgrade Cloudera Manager, as well as how to install and configure different components of the Hadoop ecosystem.

Apache Kafka Certification Training Course

Apache Kafka works with Big Data to provide a stable and seamless data management and application design tool. It is used by many large enterprises as a SaaS service. The certification training course is for developers who want in-depth knowledge and gain expertise to become a Kafka Big Data developer. Companies who want to work with the Apache Kafka ecosystem will benefit greatly by training their employees in the platform. They will learn how to manage complex data systems, queuing systems, and messaging systems and understand how to perform performance tuning tasks using Kafka.
The Apache Kafka certification training course also covers the integration of Kafka with other platforms such as Hadoop, Spark, and Storm to enhance performance and improve the overall experience. Learners will gain fundamental knowledge of Apache Kafka, which includes different components such as Brokers, Zookeeper, Topics, Producers, Configurations, Consumers, Security, and more.

Oracle NoSQL Database Certification Training Course

The Oracle NoSQL Database certification training course is centered around data management in large volumes. The NoSQL platform offered by Oracle is focused on using Big Data to manage multiple SaaS applications seamlessly. It is a cloud-based platform that operates without a server to support multiple types of data models that come with flexible guidelines.
Oracle NoSQL Database certification can benefit both data administrators as well as developers. The certification teaches learners how to effectively manage Big Data and monitor and manage KVStores. They learn how to successfully install the platform, configure it, manage it and monitor it across the organization. They will also learn how to optimize the platform to suit their needs, security of the configuration process as well as troubleshooting. Performing backups and recovery is also included in the course.

Apache HBase Certification Training Course

The Apache HBase certification training course teaches learners how to manage the NoSQL platform successfully and trains them in Big Data administration using Apache HBase. The course teaches learners how to create and operate data architecture, integrate it with different platforms such as Hadoop, Hive and more. Learners can also perform data analytics using this tool. They will be able to deploy data models using HBas, understand the HBas structure and its many components.

Who can take up Big Data Hadoop Certification Training?

  • Database Administrator
  • Aspiring IT professionals
  • IT professionals who want to learn more about Big Data
  • Linux Administrator
  • Software Developer
  • Big Data Architects
  • Hadoop Administrator
  • Project Managers
  • Testing Professionals
  • Graduates who have just completed their university studies in Data Administration, Computer Science, Programming, or a related field in Information Technology
  • Anybody who wants to clear their Big Data Hadoop certification exams

Reasons to choose Big Data Hadoop Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  1. A wide portfolio of Big Data Hadoop certification courses provided for learners across various job roles and categories
  2. Expert Big Data Hadoop trainers with a real-world job and consulting experience to help professionals gain an in-depth understanding of handling Big Data
  3. Get access to accredited Big Data Hadoop certification training materials with hands-on practical lab sessions and case-study discussions
  4. Get Big Data Hadoop certification training from an accredited training partner
  5. Flexibility to choose your Big Data Hadoop training to choose from 8 hours/ day or 4 hours/ day timeslots 
  6. Option to customize your Big Data Hadoop training courses according to your learning needs and business requirements
  7. Big Data Hadoop sample test papers to familiarize with certification exam formats
  8. Option to take up Big Data Hadoop certification training across multiple learning modes that include live online, classroom, 1-on-1, and on-site training

Benefits of Big Data Hadoop Certification Training Courses

There are many benefits that come with completing certification training courses for Big Data Hadoop such as:
  1. Demonstrate your skills to handle big data and help enterprises make informed decisions, innovate, and create products/services according to customer needs
  2. A better chance of finding a job as a fresher as compared to the non-certified counterparts
  3. A higher salary on average because of the higher number of skills the certified professional has
  4. An increase in preference when it comes to being offered promotions, a higher job role, and more
  5. Validation of your skillset with a globally-recognized certification
  6. Increase your chance of learning and growth in an accelerating field like Big Data
  7. Be part of the new norm where enterprises are being more data-centric when it comes to getting ahead from thecompetition
  8. Embark on a successful Big Data career with industry-acknowledged certification credentials to stay ahead in your career

Salary prospects for Big Data Hadoop Certified Professionals

Big Data Hadoop certified professionals are in high demand globally as enterprises rely more on data analytics, it is critical that professionals have the knowledge and skillset to perform data analysis on huge and complex data. Big Data Hadoop certified professionals are in high demand and are getting opportunities globally. Let’s take a look at Big Data Hadoop certified professionals’ salaries worldwide.

United States

USD 77,000 to USD 123,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 32,000 to 70,000


Rupees 7 lakhs to 18 lakhs 


AUD 70,000 to 97,000 


AED 156,000 to 342,000


SGD 62,000 to 100,000


Job Prospects for Big Data Hadoop Certified Professionals

As enterprises are becoming more accustomed to data analysis to provide services and products according to market needs, Big Data Hadoop knowledge will be critical in this regard. The demand for Big Data Hadoop certified professionals has increased drastically in the last decade due to their knowledge to analyzed complex and large data sets and correlate with understanding various intricacies on data. Some of the major companies that are hiring Big Data Hadoop certified professionals include Deloitte Services, IBM , ACESTACK, Netflix, Thasos Group, Criteo, Citi, Juniper Networks, JP Morgan Chase, General Motors, Kinect, and more
For jobs in your region, do check out your local job portals to find relevant job opportunities for Big Data Hadoop certified professionals.

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Big Data enables organisations to analyse the data and harness its potential. With the appropriate use of Big Data, organisations can identify smarter business moves, carry out more efficient operations and churn higher profits. Big Data technologies also help in cost reduction and enable organisations to introduce new services and products keeping in mind the customers needs. It further benefits organisations by making them understand the customer better and allowing them to control the overall reputation.

Big Data systems are often called NoSQL databases as they do not rely on SQL query language used by RDBMS. NoSQL databases are majorly categorised into document, key/value, graph, big table, and time series among others. These databases help in increasing scalability and reducing costs. They also enable faster and more agile development, increased performance of organisations and high availability of database to get ahead with the read and write demands of the Big Data applications.

Based on the level of expertise and qualifications obtained, the average salary for those pursuing Big Data in Hadoop for certifications can make anywhere between 80,000 USD and 120,000 USD a year.

Candidates who want to pursue their certification training course in Hadoop Developer with Spark will need to have basic skills in programming and the minimum memory required to work with Hadoop in the 64-bit operating system.

Below are the steps to become a Big Data Hadoop certified professional:
  • Choose a Big Data Hadoop certification course from a wide portfolio on offer 
  • Select a Big Data Hadoop training schedule and the training delivery mode that suits your requirement
  • Receive course materials provided for your Big Data Hadoop training to prepare better
  • Attend the instructor-led Big Data Hadoop certification training with hands-on lab sessions 
  • Take as many as Big Data Hadoop training sample tests to gain a proper understanding of the certification exam format
  • Become a Big Data Hadoop Certified Professional to take your career to the next level

Big Data is a term given to large volumes of data pertaining to an organisation used to carry on operations and achieve certain goals. Hadoop is one of the tools designed to handle Big Data. Hadoop along with other software products analyses Big Data searches via appropriate algorithms and methods.

There are no prerequisites to be eligible for the certification training course, but a base knowledge of Java is recommended. 

Participants taking part in their Big Data Hadoop certification training will receive:
  • A copy of the Big Data Hadoop certification course material
  • Pre-reading materials for Big Data Hadoop certification training in exam and course syllabus, practice test questions and answers, and case studies
  • Industry-recognized course completion certificate from an accredited training partner

To become eligible for the  Cloudera Apache Hadoop Administration certification training course, candidates need to have basic knowledge on how to operate using the Linux OS and some experience using a cloud platform.

Understanding the fundamentals and operations of Java are the only prerequisites needed to be eligible for the Apache Kafka certification training course.

Yes the Apache Kafka certification course can be completed using online classrooms as well. Training is also available at select locations around the globe in case one wants to opt for in-person learning.