Shell Scripting using Bash (SC103) Course Overview

Shell Scripting using Bash (SC103) Course Overview

The Shell Scripting using Bash (SC103) Certification verifies proficiency in Shell programming language, particularly in using Bash shell, which allows operational control of UNIX and Linux systems. This certification is critical in industries where system automation, data manipulation, software testing, and system administration tasks are practiced. Scripting using Bash enables the automation of frequent tasks, simplification complex tasks, customization of commands and environment, and improvement of performance. Certified professionals have the ability to write, debug, and execute Bash Shell scripts, handle file permissions, communicate over network using SSH, and manage processes, making Bash Shell Scripting a widely adopted tool in IT infrastructural development.

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Course Prerequisites

• Basic knowledge in Unix or Linux operating systems
• Familiarity with command line interface
• Understanding of file systems and permissions
• Basic programming concepts like variables, loops, and functions
• Proficiency in text editing using a UNIX-based editor
• Good problem-solving and analytical skills.

Shell Scripting using Bash (SC103) Certification Training Overview

The Shell Scripting using Bash (SC103) certification training delivers knowledge on the fundamentals of shell scripting with Bash, enabling participants to automate tasks and manage systems effectively. The course covers various topics including the basic understanding of Bash, regular expressions, conditionals, loops, and functions. It also teaches how to interact with the command line, manipulate text, and set up, administer, and backup a Linux-based server. This training can help IT professionals improve their skills and efficiency in system administration.

Why Should You Learn Shell Scripting using Bash (SC103)?

Learning Shell Scripting using Bash (SC103) provides essential knowledge for managing data infrastructure, automating tasks, managing system operations, and improving overall productivity in statistical workflows. It also offers skills for efficient dataset handling and analytics, which are crucial in data-driven industries.

Target Audience for Shell Scripting using Bash (SC103) Certification Training

- Beginner IT professionals looking to learn shell scripting
- Experienced coders seeking to diversify their skill set
- Unix/Linux administrators aiming to automate tasks
- Developers and system administrators seeking better understanding of Bash
- Programming enthusiasts interested in learning new scripting languages

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Shell Scripting using Bash (SC103) Skills Measured

After completing the Shell Scripting using Bash (SC103) certification training, an individual will be skilled in writing, debugging, and executing shell scripts using Bash. They will gain proficiency in command-line operations, conditional statements, loops, and functions. The training will enhance their understanding of file system navigation, file permissions, and text processing. They will also learn to automate tasks, manage processes, and interact with users. This certification hones skills in Linux administration and fosters expertise in automation and configuration management tools.

Top Companies Hiring Shell Scripting using Bash (SC103) Certified Professionals

Major tech companies like IBM, Oracle, Cisco, Red Hat, and Apple often hire Shell Scripting using Bash (SC103) certified professionals. These businesses rely on skilled professionals who can mitigate risks, enhance system performances, and automate tasks using Bash scripting, making this certification highly desirable.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Shell Scripting using Bash (SC103) Course?

The learning objectives of the Shell Scripting using Bash (SC103) course are primarily to equip students with the fundamental skills and techniques necessary for shell scripting in Bash. By the end of the course, students should be able to write, analyze, troubleshoot, and debug shell scripts using Bash shell. They will gain understanding of scripting basics, conditional statements, string manipulations, script parameters, functions, loops, and error handling in Bash. Additionally, the course aims to equip students with command-line knowledge and hands-on experience in creating scripts for automating tasks in a Linux environment.