Azure for AWS professionals Course Overview

Azure for AWS professionals Course Overview

Azure for AWS professionals certification is designed to help AWS professionals leverage their existing knowledge to navigate the Azure platform. Its primary focus is to educate professionals about the parallel services in Azure, compared to AWS, showcasing the flexibility, scalability, and security features of Azure. This certification is about understanding the basics of Azure, including its architecture, security, network and storage solutions, and application deployment. Industries can utilize it to better manage their data and applications across multiple cloud environments while maintaining consistent operational procedures. It supports their transition from an AWS environment to an Azure one, enabling them to sustain their IT operations more efficiently.

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Course Prerequisites

- Prior AWS cloud experience
- Working knowledge of Azure cloud services
- Basic understanding of cloud computing concepts
- Proficiency in programming or scripting languages
- Familiarity with Azure architecture, services, and deployment models
- Awareness of IT operations like networking, virtualization, and security.

Azure for AWS professionals Certification Training Overview

Azure for AWS professionals certification training is a course designed for AWS professionals who wish to gain knowledge about Microsoft's Azure cloud platform. The course covers general topics such as Azure architecture, its key services, the implementation of storage and databases, creating virtual machines, configuring networks, and managing identities. It also provides insights into the process of migration from AWS to Azure. The training provides practical skills in managing and deploying Azure resources and enhances cross-platform compatibility understanding.

Why Should You Learn Azure for AWS professionals?

Learning Azure for AWS professionals allows IT professionals to diversify their cloud computing skills, becoming proficient in the two largest cloud platforms. This significantly boosts employability and earning potential. Furthermore, it empowers them to design more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective cloud solutions for various organizational needs.

Target Audience for Azure for AWS professionals Certification Training

• AWS professionals looking to expand their cloud services skills
• IT professionals seeking knowledge in multi-cloud platforms
• Cloud consultants and managers aiming to offer diverse cloud solutions
• Professionals aiming for Azure certification after AWS
• Technical experts wanting to learn about Azure services and management.

Why Choose Koenig for Azure for AWS professionals Certification Training?

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- Wide Range of Courses: Choose from a vast selection of Azure training courses.
- Accredited Training: Gain credibility with training that's recognized by top tech companies.

Azure for AWS professionals Skills Measured

Upon completing Azure for AWS professionals certification training, an individual can acquire skills in understanding Azure services and infrastructure, creating and configuring Azure virtual machines and networks, deploying apps on Azure, implementing Azure storage and databases, managing Azure resources, understanding Azure's integration with AWS, and implementing Azure security measures. They also gain knowledge on Azure Active Directory, Azure Governance, monitoring and troubleshooting Azure infrastructure, and configuring and managing Azure identity and access.

Top Companies Hiring Azure for AWS professionals Certified Professionals

Top companies hiring Azure and AWS professionals include Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Google, Accenture, and Capgemini. These companies require certified professionals to manage their cloud-based services and data storage. They offer competitive salaries and benefits for certified Azure and AWS professionals. Other notable companies include Verizon, JPMorgan Chase, Oracle, and Cisco.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Azure for AWS professionals Course?

The learning objectives of Azure for AWS professionals course aims to equip professionals with the foundational knowledge of Microsoft's cloud platform, Azure. Students would learn the essentials of Azure Infrastructure Services (Compute, Network, Storage, Security) and their equivalents in AWS for effective cross-platform utilization. They would gain a comparative understanding of cloud architecture, pricing, and services between Azure and AWS. The course further aims to enrich their understanding of Azure's Resource Manager, Virtual Networks, Storage Accounts, and Azure Active Directory. With hands-on labs, they would master the practical implementation and management of these services, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of their cloud operations.

Azure for AWS professionals