Automating BIG-IP with AS3 Course Overview

Automating BIG-IP with AS3 Course Overview

The Automating BIG-IP with AS3 certification is a recognition demonstrating proficiency in automating network functions. Application Services 3 (AS3) provides a flexible, declarative model for managing BIG-IP application services. AS3 simplifies the process of configuring, modifying, and managing BIG-IP systems through declarative JSON-style templates. This certification is highly valued by industries as it helps reduce manual errors and saves operating costs, by accelerating service delivery and enables IT and DevOps to automate infrastructure and applications quickly and reliably. It encompasses principles of automation and orchestration and largely appeals to organizations striving for efficiency and faster application deployment.

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Course Prerequisites

• Proficient knowledge of BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) as implemented in a BIG-IP system.
• Understanding of JSON and basic programming concepts.
• Familiarity with automation tools and the concepts of DevOps processes.
• Working knowledge of Application Services 3 and BIG-IP systems.

Automating BIG-IP with AS3 Certification Training Overview

Automating BIG-IP with AS3 certification training is designed to teach IT professionals how to automate the BIG-IP platform utilizing the Application Services 3 (AS3) extension. Topics covered in the course typically include an overview of AS3, JSON schema, the AS3 declaration model, and the Git version control system. Practical sessions may involve automating the configuration, deployment and management of app services with AS3, using APIs, and handling Git repositories. The training combines theory and practical lessons to provide hands-on experience.

Why Should You Learn Automating BIG-IP with AS3?

Learning the Automating BIG-IP with AS3 course provides expertise in automating application service deployments, enabling quicker and more efficient server responses. It offers skills in managing and operating networks, improving overall productivity. This expertise could be vital in reducing human error, saving time, and increasing the efficiency of network operations.

Target Audience for Automating BIG-IP with AS3 Certification Training

• Network Engineers wishing to streamline BIG-IP operations.
• System Administrators looking for automation in network management.
• IT technicians seeking to enhance F5 BIG-IP optimization.
• Technology professionals interested in Learning Application Service 3.
• Teams managing F5 Networks' software-based application services.
• Individuals seeking to improve their skills in network automation.

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Automating BIG-IP with AS3 Skills Measured

Upon completing the Automating BIG-IP with AS3 certification training, individuals can acquire skills in efficient automation of BIG-IP systems using AS3. These skills involve understanding of AS3 concepts and its operational environment, creation and management of AS3 declarations, troubleshooting AS3 declarations, and understanding of REST APIs. They also gain expertise in handling JSON and Tenant declaration files. Furthermore, they can proficiently develop, test, and troubleshoot iApp LX blocks which is crucial in managing BIG-IP’s configuration and remote access service operations.

Top Companies Hiring Automating BIG-IP with AS3 Certified Professionals

Companies like Accenture, IBM, Deloitte, and AT&T are at the forefront of hiring BIG-IP with AS3 certified professionals. They often seek these experts for roles that involve network security, access management, performance, and optimization in order to provide sophisticated solutions for clients and enhance their overall network performance.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Automating BIG-IP with AS3 Course?

The learning objectives of the "Automating BIG-IP with AS3" course are to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of how to automate BIG-IP systems using the Application Services 3 (AS3) Declaration. Students will gain a firm grasp on how to create, modify, and manage AS3 declarations. They will also learn how to leverage AS3 to automate BIG-IP configuration deployment, reducing manual workloads and increasing efficiency. An essential part of the course is mastering the use of JSON in AS3 declarations, so students can successfully implement it in practical scenarios. In-depth insights into the operational aspects of BIG-IP are also central to the course.