RSA Authentication Manager Administration Course Overview

RSA Authentication Manager Administration Course Overview

The RSA Authentication Manager Administration certification is a credential that validates a professional's ability to effectively manage and administer RSA SecurID infrastructure. This includes installations, set up, maintenance, and troubleshooting. It is often used in industries where secure user authentication is critical, such as financial or health sectors. The certificate verifies proficiency in RSA's advanced identity assurance solutions, helping businesses to establish secure and compliant access to their digital resources. It enhances a professional's credibility, improves operational efficiency, and ultimately helps to minimize security risks associated with user identity verification. Regular updation of these certifications is necessary to keep pace with evolving technologies.

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Course Prerequisites

• Understanding of basic IT concepts
• Familiarity with Microsoft Windows Server configuration and administration
• Knowledge of networking and system administration principles
• Experience with RSA Authentication Manager software and operations
• Ideally, prior experience with managing security solutions.

RSA Authentication Manager Administration Certification Training Overview

RSA Authentication Manager Administration certification training is designed to provide in-depth knowledge for managing RSA SecurID system components. The course covers the basics of RSA Authentication Manager, including managing individual and group access with risk-based analytics. Topics encapsulate planning, installation, configuring and maintaining RSA Authentication Manager servers, managing users and token, troubleshooting, and setting up high availability. It also equips attendees with the skills needed to effectively navigate the RSA Security Console and efficiently manage system data.

Why Should You Learn RSA Authentication Manager Administration?

The RSA Authentication Manager Administration Course offers the skills required to manage and maintain enterprise security systems. It equips participants with knowledge on configuring RSA authentication, risk-based authentication, users & groups, reporting and troubleshooting. Ultimately, it amplifies career opportunities in cybersecurity, improves problem-solving abilities, and enhances protection against security threats.

Target Audience for RSA Authentication Manager Administration Certification Training

• IT professionals responsible for setting up, managing, and troubleshooting enterprise systems using RSA Authentication Manager.
• System administrators looking to enhance their expertise in digital security.
• Professionals in cyber-security roles aiming to expand their knowledge in RSA authentication.
• Technical consultants seeking to guide clients on RSA implementation.

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RSA Authentication Manager Administration Skills Measured

After completing the RSA Authentication Manager Administration certification training, an individual will have gained expertise in managing security tokens, configuring and managing RSA Authentication agents, building and managing security domains and user groups, setting up enterprise-level authentication policies, enabling on-demand authentication, and troubleshooting system issues. In addition, the program also enhances an individual’s abilities in creating and managing RSA SecurID users and performing regular system and identity source backups. This will enable efficient handling of the RSA security solutions.

Top Companies Hiring RSA Authentication Manager Administration Certified Professionals

Top companies hiring RSA Authentication Manager Administration certified professionals include major tech companies like IBM, Dell Technologies, and Oracle, as well as cybersecurity firms like Secureworks and Global Information Assurance Certification. Financial institutions like JPMorgan Chase & Co. and consulting firms such as Accenture and Deloitte also seek these professionals.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this RSA Authentication Manager Administration Course?

The learning objectives of the RSA Authentication Manager Administration course include understanding the features and functionality of RSA Authentication Manager, gaining knowledge of administrative tasks, systems, role and user administration. Students learn to manage security tokens, users, and agent configurations and know the methods for troubleshooting and resolving issues. Additionally, the course aims to provide skills in backing up, maintaining system health and performance. It also covers deployment strategies, establishes administrative policies, and system reports. This knowledge enables students to secure their organization's systems effectively, enhance their troubleshooting skills, and optimize the RSA Authentication Manager system's performance and effectiveness.