Using Astra Trident with Kubernetes Course Overview

Using Astra Trident with Kubernetes Course Overview

Astra Trident by NetApp is a fully automated storage provisioner and dynamic storage class provider for Kubernetes and Docker. The Astra Trident with Kubernetes certification is about understanding how to integrate Trident into Kubernetes to manage storage solutions efficiently. Industries use the Astra Trident with Kubernetes as it is open-source, extensively compatible, allows persistent volume claims, and supports multiple backends. This software means consistent communication between Kubernetes and the underlying storage layer. It automates storage operations, making it easier for developers to declare and use volumes in a cloud-native manner, improving application portability and making workflows seamless across different platforms.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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Course Prerequisites

•Working knowledge of container orchestration concepts, including Kubernetes
•Familiarity with the helmet and helm charts
•Experience developing or managing distributed applications
•Experience with web application and database technologies, such as Python, Node.js, MongoDB and MySQL
•Experience with edit, monitor, and debug applications
•Experience working with DevOps tools and techniques, such as Jenkins, Terraform, Chef, Ansible and Cloud formation
•Familiarity with SQL, NoSQL and other databases
•Command line experience with Linux- and Windows-based systems
•Working knowledge of microservices and distributed systems architecture
•Experience with serverless and cloud computing concepts, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Target Audience for Using Astra Trident with Kubernetes Certification Training

- Developers experienced with Kubernetes looking to enhance their skills.
- IT professionals interested in data management with Kubernetes.
- Tech students who have a basic understanding of Kubernetes.
- Startups seeking easy and efficient data storage solutions.
- Companies that aim to optimize their use of Kubernetes.

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Using Astra Trident with Kubernetes Skills Measured

Upon completing the Using Astra Trident with Kubernetes certification training, an individual will gain skills in managing and using Astra Trident as a storage provisioner within a Kubernetes environment. They will learn how to install and configure Trident with Kubernetes, create and manage persistent volumes, and understand different storage classes. Additionally, they will gain mastery over advanced topics such as snapshotting and cloning of volumes, using Trident with Helm Charts, and troubleshooting Trident-related issues. This training enhances capability in handling containerized applications and storage orchestration, crucial for roles in DevOps and cloud-native environments.

Top Companies Hiring Using Astra Trident with Kubernetes Certified Professionals

Several top tech companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud are eagerly hiring professionals certified in Astra Trident with Kubernetes. These firms recognize the vital role of Kubernetes in managing containerized applications and seek experts to aid in their cloud-based operations.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Using Astra Trident with Kubernetes Course?

The learning objectives for a course on using Astra Trident with Kubernetes are focused on developing a comprehensive understanding of the functioning of these two advanced technologies and how they can be merged to leverage benefits. By the end this course, participants should understand how Astra Trident works with Kubernetes for deploying, automating, scaling, and managing applications. They should be able to implement persistent storage for Kubernetes using NetApp Trident, handle volume snapshots, and troubleshoot related issues. Moreover, learners should develop capabilities to create and manage Kubernetes clusters using Astra Trident and be proficient in securing data management in a Kubernetes environment using Netapp Astra.