Articulate Rise 360 Course Overview

Articulate Rise 360 Course Overview

The Articulate Rise 360 certification is a verification attributed to individuals who have demonstrated proficiency in utilizing the Articulate Rise 360 software platform effectively. This software facilitates the creation of responsive eLearning content that can be accessed on any device. On a professional level, this certification is desirable within industries such as education, marketing, and corporate training. It highlights an individual's capability to generate engaging digital content which eases information sharing, enhances skills development, and progresses continuous learning. Knowledge of the software directly supports efficient learning management and effective audience engagement in a digital world.

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  • Live Online Training (Duration : 16 Hours)
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You can request classroom training in any city on any date by Requesting More Information

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Course Prerequisites

• Knowledge of basic computer operations
• Familiarity with web browsing and navigating online platforms
• Understanding of e-learning principles
• Experience in content creation
• Proficiency in English language as the course is delivered in English
• Reliable internet connection to access the course online.

Articulate Rise 360 Certification Training Overview

Articulate Rise 360 certification training is an instructional design course offering comprehensive exposure to the functionalities and creations facilitated by the Rise 360 tool. Participants gain essential skills to create responsive, interactive and engaging eLearning content. The course topics generally cover the fundamentals of the software, designing modules, adding multimedia, applying interactions, customizing lesson settings, and publishing the content. The training ensures attendees are proficient in using Articulate Rise 360 for developing modern learning experiences.

Why Should You Learn Articulate Rise 360?

Learning the Articulate Rise 360 course helps in creating responsive and interactive content for online learning. It builds skills in digital education content development, enhancing one's capabilities in eLearning design. Furthermore, it provides familiarity with analytics for tracking learner progress, optimizing the effectiveness of educational material.

Target Audience for Articulate Rise 360 Certification Training

- Corporate training professionals needing to design responsive eLearning courses
- Educators in virtual classrooms, online tutors or coaches
- Content creators in online learning platforms
- Human Resource professionals aiming to upskill workforce
- Independent instructional designers and consultants
- Companies looking to transition to digital training methods.

Why Choose Koenig for Articulate Rise 360 Certification Training?

- Learn from Certified Instructors that specialize in Articulate Rise 360.
- Enhance your career prospects with in-demand skills in eLearning content creation.
- Get customized training as per your learning style and requirements.
- Experience destination training, resulting in immersive learning combined with leisure.
- Access affordable pricing which ensures value for money.
- Be a part of one of the top training institutes globally.
- Flexibility in training dates allows you to learn at your convenience.
- Benefit from Instructor-Led Online Training for focused learning.
- Choose from a wide range of courses suitable for different skill levels.
- The training is fully accredited, ensuring the skills and knowledge you gain are recognized globally.

Articulate Rise 360 Skills Measured

Upon completing Articulate Rise 360 certification training, an individual can gain skills such as creating responsive eLearning content, designing custom lessons, incorporating interactive features, and integrating multimedia elements including videos and quizzes. They will also learn to configure course settings, understand tracking and reporting features, export courses for LMS, and effectively use the collaborative capabilities for team projects. The training also enhances their ability to design accessible and engaging course content that adapts to any device.

Top Companies Hiring Articulate Rise 360 Certified Professionals

Major companies like IBM, American Express, and Accenture are actively seeking Articulate Rise 360 certified professionals. These companies require skilled designers and developers to create engaging, interactive, and effective e-learning courses using the Articulate Rise 360 platform. Other top recruiters include prominent e-learning solution companies like EY and KPMG.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Articulate Rise 360 Course?

The main learning objectives of an Articulate Rise 360 course are;
1) Acquire the knowledge and skills to efficiently utilize Articulate Rise 360 for creating responsive, interactive, and engaging online learning experiences.
2) Gain proficiency in incorporating various forms of multimedia including video, audio, images, and interactive quizzes into course designs.
3) Learn ways to customize lessons and course features to cater to the specific needs of the target audience.
4) Understand strategies for creating effective, user-friendly navigation and learner progress tracking features.
5) Develop the capability to export, share, and publish completed courses on various learning management systems or platforms.