Architecture Methodologies Training Courses


An enterprise architecture framework is a set of practices and principles for defining and creating a system architecture. It follows a structured approach and divides the enterprise architecture into various smaller parts – domains, models, layers or views, and provides diagrams and matrices, for documentation. The architecture methodologies allow users to take systematic decisions about components of the system, its requirements, management, support and sustainability.

Koenig’s courses on architecture methodologies provide core knowledge from a fundamental to expert level. The Open Group Architecture Framework is one of the most popular architecture methodology course that is offered by Koenig.

We have a range of courses that offer the learning of several architectural frameworks and their applications. Prospective candidates can choose out of the following architecture methodologies certification courses, in accordance with their eligibility and learning goals.

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Who Should Do This Course

IT professionals responsible for a business architecture function should go for our Architecture Methodologies training. Our training is highly beneficial for developers, business architects, solutions or data architects, system architects, and technical consultants.


To take up our Architecture Methodologies training, learners should be experienced IT professionals, working as programmers, developers, or IT architects. However, the eligibility to go for specialized courses may vary per course objectives.

Benefits of Architecture Methodologies Course

By pursuing our Architecture Methodologies course, IT professionals will be able to:

  • Improves the existing architecture to make it more effective
  • Enables an enterprise to accomplish its business goals by evolving  its architectural framework
  • Helps define and implement the system architecture in a structured manner
  • Use architectural methodologies to take decisions on system components, customized requirements, support, and management


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An architecture framework is a way of defining and designing a system by maintaining certain prevailing practices principles. One needs an intensive architecture methodologies training through comprehensive architecture methodologies course. Our architecture methodologies certification courses on TOGAF, Oracle Middleware, and Software Training are meant for learning the applications of various architectural frameworks.

Enterprise Architecture or EA is an abstract design of how the operation of an organization will progress from the very beginning till the end and how the IT system will work all through. It is a complex process which requires a good architecture methodologies course to grasp completely. Our architecture methodologies Certification courses on the open group architecture framework, Software architecture, and Oracle Middleware are meant for imparting architecture methodologies training on EA.

The Open Group Architecture Framework or TOGAF and Oracle Middleware are extremely popular enterprise architecture frameworks. These are counted among the best and we have designed comprehensive architecture methodologies certification courses on both of these architecture frameworks. We provide updated architecture methodologies training through an architecture methodologies course on the above two enterprise architecture frameworks and also on software architecture for students and professionals who want professional knowledge in this aspect.

TOGAF is the most popular and widely used Enterprise Architecture framework for SaaS startups. An intensive architecture methodologies training on TOGAF gives a clear idea and practical knowledge on how TOGAF can be implemented successfully through customization of this architecture framework. Another good enterprise architecture framework in this genre is Oracle Middleware on which we provide an architecture methodologies course. Our architecture methodologies certification courses are designed to impart professional knowledge in both of these niches.

You need to pursue a good architecture methodologies course to understand the differences. Architecture is a dynamic term which means conceptualization of a system in a systematic way. It provides an idea on the optimum utilization procedure of a system. Framework, on the other hand, is the implementation of an architecture. Both of these aspects in enterprise architecture framework we thoroughly discuss in architecture methodologies certification courses while imparting architecture methodologies training.