WS02 API Management Course Overview

WS02 API Management Course Overview

The WS02 API Management certification validates proficiency in managing APIs using the WS02 platform. APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow different software applications to communicate with each other. WS02 is an open-source technology provider that offers tools for API management. The WS02 API Management certification covers understanding of designing, developing, deploying, and securing APIs using the WS02 API Manager. Industries use this certification to ensure their staff is proficient in API management with WS02, enabling smoother integration of various software applications. This proficiency can lead to higher efficiency and functionality in their IT systems.

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Course Prerequisites

The prerequisites for learning WS02 API Management will vary depending on the level and depth of the course. However, here are some general skills and knowledge that may be useful for someone interested in taking a course on WS02 API Management:
  • Familiarity with APIs: A basic understanding of APIs, their architecture, and how they work is essential for learning WS02 API Management. This includes knowledge of REST and SOAP APIs, API design patterns, and API security protocols.
  • Knowledge of web development technologies: Familiarity with web development technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JSON will help in understanding the WS02 API Management platform and how to build and manage APIs.
  • Experience with web development tools: Familiarity with web development tools such as Postman, curl, or an IDE, will help in testing and debugging APIs created using WS02 API Management.
  • Understanding of security concepts: Basic knowledge of security concepts such as encryption, authentication, authorization, and OAuth will be helpful in understanding the security features provided by WS02 API Management.
  • Knowledge of DevOps practices: Familiarity with DevOps practices such as continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment will help in understanding how WS02 API Management can be integrated into a DevOps workflow.
  • Basic understanding of cloud computing: Familiarity with cloud computing concepts, such as cloud storage, cloud deployment, and cloud management, will be useful for understanding how WS02 API Management can be deployed and managed in a cloud environment.
These prerequisites will help individuals get the most out of a course on WS02 API Management and enable them to use the platform effectively to create, publish, and manage APIs. However, these prerequisites may vary depending on the course level and depth, and the instructor may provide additional resources or guidance to help individuals acquire the necessary skills and knowledge.

Target Audience for WS02 API Management Certification Training

• IT professionals looking to streamline business processes
• Software developers and architects using API management
• System administrators handling WS02 platforms
• Application programmers seeking to learn about API integration
• Enterprises keen on efficient API usage and management
• Tech enthusiasts wanting to upgrade their skills in WS02 API Management.

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WS02 API Management Skills Measured

After completing WSO2 API Management certification training, an individual can acquire skills in understanding, configuring, and managing WSO2 API Manager. They can create, publish, and monitor APIs, protecting them with security protocols. They will be proficient in utilizing API Manager Analytics to monitor and track API usage. They can also implement API versioning, manage user roles, and build API developer portals. They will also gain knowledge in authenticating APIs using OAuth 2.0, Access Tokens, and JWT tokens.

Top Companies Hiring WS02 API Management Certified Professionals

Top companies hiring WS02 API Management certified professionals include prominent tech firms like Accenture and IBM. Additionally, financial institutions like JPMorgan Chase employ these professionals. Other notable companies include TCS, Cognizant, Capgemini, and Infosys. Jobs in these companies often involve managing and optimizing APIs for various business processes.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this WS02 API Management Course?

The WS02 API Management course aims to equip learners with an in-depth understanding of API Management concepts and the WS02 platform. The learning objectives include understanding the significance of APIs in today's digital world, learning how to design, publish, deploy, and monitor APIs using WS02 API manager, and delving into security and governance aspects of API management. Participants will also learn about API monetization, the scope of analytics in API usage, and how to build a developer community around APIs. The course further aims to develop skills in troubleshooting and resolving common issues related to API management.