Android Application Testing Training Course

Android Application Testing Certification Training Course Overview

Android Application Testing course is planned for Android developers who are interested in testing applications or optimizing application development process. This course will describe different types of testing and their applicability to software development projects.

This course will also review the main concepts behind the testing techniques, Frameworks like Monkey tool, JUnit and other tools available to deploy testing strategy on Android.

Android Application Testing Training Course (Duration : 24 Hours) Download Course Contents

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Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction of Testing
  • Software bugs
  • What to test
  • Types of tests
  • Testing framework
Module 2: Testing on Android
  • Junit
  • Android architecture
  • Creating the Android Sample project
  • Package explorer
  • Running the project
  • Debugging tests
Module 3: Introduction to Mobile Automation
  • Basic Terminology : Testing, Types of Testing, Manual/Automation
  • What is Mobile Automation Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing Tools
  • Introduction to Appium
  • Where Appium can be used
  • Hybrid Apps, Native Apps and WebApps
  • UIAutomator
  • Appium VS Selendroid
  • Drawbacks and Limitations
Module 4: Appium Setup & Configurations
  • Configuring appium on real device
  • Why work on real device?
  • Download and Configure Android on local machine
  • Api levels &Android version
  • supported API levels &Android versions
  • API level for Android
  • Android version in Phone
  • Developer mode in Mobiles
  • Debug level settings in Phone
  • Connecting & phones
  • Install Microsoft Dot Net framework
  • Download Appium
  • Configuring Various versioning API level requirements for Appium
  • Starting Appium Server from Console
  • Running Appium Program
  • Installing Emulator in eclips
  • Installing apps in Emulator via command prompt
Module 5: Hybrid/Native Android Apps Test
  • Required Capabilities for Appium and Android
  • Concept of Apk file, AppActivityName and AppPackage
  • How to get Apk file, AppActivityName and AppPackage for any application
  • When Apk file necessary to test App?
  • AppiumDriver and RemoteWebDriver classes
  • Programme on invoking Apps
  • Invoking app with package activity
  • Example on package name and activity invoking
  • Mobile Gesture Automation
  • Testing native Apps like calculator, Contacts, Settings
Module 6: Locating Elements
  • Concept of UI Automator
  • FindElement and FindElementByAndroidUIAutomator
  • Using UISelector Class in UIAutomator API
  • Finding by Classname
  • Detecting presence of Elements
  • Building Xpaths
  • Challenges faced in finding Elements and Workarounds
  • Using Android UI Automator'sUISelector() and its functions
  • Waiting - Implicit and explicit waits
Module 7: Testing WebApps
  • Chrome browser configuration
  • Using ADB Plugin
  • Automating the chrome Browser
  • Automating mobile specific websites
  • Exercise on real device browser automation
  • Automating Udemy site in mobile browser
Module 8: Mobile Testing Framework
  • Testng Framework
  • Testng installation in eclips
  • Testng Annotations
  • Maven Configuration
  • Creating Basic Maven project
  • Running appium test in Maven
Module 9: Data Driven Testing
  • Configuring Apache poi
  • Excel Api methods
  • Programme for retrieving data from excel
  • Programme for Updating data back to excel
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Course Prerequisites

Formal prerequisites for this course are:

  • Professional Android Apps Development
  • Android Application Development

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Perform tests in Android SDK
  • Test activities and applications
  • Test files, databases and Content Providers
  • Test exceptions
  • Comprehend the extensive use of mock objects
  • Test Views in isolation
  • Test Parsers
  • Test for memory leaks
  • Create Android Virtual Devices
  • Run AVDs from the command line
  • Add emulator configurations
  • Build Android form source
  • Comprehend FitNesse
  • Comprehend GivWenZen
  • Use the Traceview and dmtracedump platform
  • Comprehend the Mock Objects
  • Comprehend the TestCase base class
  • Comprehend the AndroidTestCase base class
  • Comprehend the Instrumentation
  • Comprehend the InstrumentationTestCase class
  • Comprehend the ActivityTestCase class

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