Alteryx Advanced Certification Course Overview

Alteryx Advanced Certification is an online course designed to provide learners with the skills, knowledge, and tools to effectivly use the Alteryx Designer software. Learners will be trained on the intuitive workflow system, complex data preparation and modeling, and deployment of insights in Alteryx’s user-friendly analytics platform. Participants will be given instruction on how to create comprehensive analytics which are contextual, interactive, and can be used to unlock the potential of data and unlock the next-generation of analytics for their company.
The course covers various modules, including data integration, workflow creation, production control, and analytics. Learners will master advanced concepts, such as data blending, complex logic, data preparation and formatting, multi-pass processing and interactive dashboards. They will be taught how to properly and effectively utilize the Workflow Designer, Meta Data Management Button, and Output Menu. Additionally, they will get an overview of Data Streams and their potential impact on analytics and workflow design.
The course is geared towards IT professionals, developers and data analysts who need to deploy advanced analytics in Alteryx. It is highly recommended for those who need to create powerful forecasts, conduct deep analysis, and make data-driven decisions. Alteryx Advanced Certification provides the skills and knowledge needed to unlock the full potential of the Alteryx platform and help them achieve breakthrough insights into their data.
This course is built for self-paced learning that let you take on the course material and gain the hands-on experience needed to succeed in the certification. Aid is readily available via the community of peers and the certified instructors who provide an abundance of resources and knowledge. Alteryx Advanced Certification is an ideal way to expand understanding beyond regular course material, and step into the world of advanced analytics.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.


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Course Prerequisites

The Alteryx Advanced certification requires candidates to have in-depth Alteryx and analytics experience, as well as completion of either the Alteryx Core Certification or Alteryx Designer Training course. Additionally, it is recommended to have experience with multiple data sources, knowledge of multi-field formulas and a basic understanding of advanced analytics concepts.

Target Audience


The ideal target audience for Alteryx Advanced Certification Training is anyone who already has basic knowledge of Alteryx and who is looking to develop and expand their professional credentials. Professionals who work in any field related to data analytics, ETL, or data wrangling will benefit from this advanced training. There is also potential for executive leadership who are responsible for developing and implementing data analytics strategies within their companies and for software developers and architects who wish to align their software with Alteryx frameworks. With a focus on improving efficiency and creating comprehensive solutions with Alteryx, this course is intended for professionals who have achieved a certain level of commitment to their career advancement and are looking to deepen their mastery of the platform.



Learning Objective of Alteryx Advanced Certification:

Objectives of the Alteryx Advanced Certification Training are to add significant value to the organization with advanced data blending; create interactive dynamic results; learn to create, implement and use collections and objects in workflows; use Regional & Do Loop functions; develop predictive models; use ANOVA, Regression & Classification models; use time series analysis to analyze forecast patterns; gain knowledge of programming concepts and build complex strings, formula & apply data validation for a successful Business Intelligence. Additionally, master web-based authoring, advanced use of macro & O365; combine data from multiple sources with Blend & Join tools; integrate Tableau data with Alteryx output; leverage Tableau to develop KPIs; perform advanced analysis; use advanced Alteryx functions to maintain accuracy & improve workflow performance; automate workflows with Alteryx Scheduler & obtain Certifications.