Advanced Implementing and Troubleshooting MPLS VPN Networks Course

AMPLS - Advanced Implementing and Troubleshooting MPLS VPN Networks v4.0 Certification Training Course Overview

The Advanced Implementing and Troubleshooting MPLS VPN Networks (AMPLS) course provides learners with advanced MPLS knowledge and skills specifically related to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) in service provider environment. The course enables learners to refresh the MPLS and MPLS VPN technology and integrate it into advanced MPLS features such as Inter-AS VPNs or Carrier Supporting Carrier (CsC). In addition, the MPLS and MPLS VPN troubleshooting techniques are discussed in the course.
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Advanced Implementing and Troubleshooting MPLS VPN Networks Course (Duration : 40 Hours) Download Course Contents

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Course Modules

Module 1: MPLS Concepts
  • MPLS Labels and Label Stack
  • MPLS Applications
Module 2: MPLS Label Assignment and Distribution
  • Discovering LDP Neighbors
  • Label Distribution in Frame-Mode MPLS
  • Convergence in Frame-Mode MPLS
  • MPLS Label Allocation, Distribution, and Retention Modes
Module 3: Frame-Mode MPLS Implementation on Cisco IOS Platforms
  • CEF Switching
  • Configuring Frame-Mode MPLS
  • Monitoring Frame-Mode MPLS
  • Troubleshooting Frame-Mode MPLS
Module 4: MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN) Technology
  • VPN Categorization
  • MPLS VPN Architecture
  • MPLS VPN Routing Model
  • MPLS VPN Packet Forwarding
Module 5: MPLS VPN Implementation
  • MPLS VPN Mechanisms
  • Configuring VRF Tables
  • Configuring an MP-BGP Session Between PE Routers
  • Configuring Routing Protocols Between PE and CE Routers
  • Monitoring MPLS VPN Operation
  • Troubleshooting MPLS VPN
Module 6: Complex MPLS VPNs
  • Central Services VPNs
  • Managed CE Router Service
  • MPLS Managed Services
Module 7: Integrated Internet Access with MPLS VPNs
  • VPN Internet Access Topologies
  • VPN Internet Access Implementation Methods
  • Separating Internet Access from VPN Services
  • Internet Access Backbone as a Separate VPN
Module 8: MPLS Traffic Engineering
  • Traffic Engineering (TE) Concepts
  • MPLS TE Components
  • MPLS TE Operations
  • Configuring MPLS TE on Cisco IOS Platforms
  • Monitoring Basic MPLS TE on Cisco IOS
Module 9: LABS
  • Configure an IP Routed Network
  • Enabling MPLS in the Core Environment
  • Initial MPLS VPN Setup
  • Running EIGRP Between the PE and CE Routers
  • Running OSPF Between the PE and CE Routers
  • Running BGP Between the PE and CE Routers
  • Configuring Overlapping VPNs
  • Merging Service Providers
  • Enabling Common Services VPNs
  • Configuring Central Site Internet Connectivity with an MPLS VPN
  • Implementing Basic MPLS Traffic Engineering
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Course Prerequisites
  • CCNA required.
  • The students need to possess the knowledge of scalable interior routing protocols (IS-IS or OSPF), BGP and MPLS technologies.

This knowledge can be gained by attending the Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks (BSCI), Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers (BGP) and Implementing Cisco MPLS (MPLS) courses.

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Deploying MPLS VPNs in various network scenarios
  • Filtering MPLS VPN Routes
  • Implementing and supporting MPLS VPN Internet Access
  • Using Single NAT Gateway to implement Shared Internet Access  
  • Deploying an Inter-AS MPLS VPN
  • Troubleshooting common problems encountered with MPLS VPNs

Give an edge to your career with Cisco certification training courses Students can join the classes for AMPLS - Advanced Implementing and Troubleshooting MPLS VPN Networks v4.0  Training Course at Koenig Campus located at New Delhi, Bengaluru, Shimla, Goa, Dehradun, Dubai & Instructor-Led Online.