Microsoft/40410-A: JavaScript, HTML and CSS Web Development

40410-A: JavaScript, HTML and CSS Web Development Certification Training Course Overview

Enroll for 2-day 40410-A: JavaScript, HTML and CSS Web Development from Koenig Solutions accredited by Microsoft. In this course learn about HTML, JavaScript and CSS as programming and markup languages that are used to create web applications and gain experience with each language individually and then combine them together to create compelling web application solutions.

Target Audience:

The target audience for this training course is individuals who are interested in learning about the core skills necessary for web development. This course is intended for individuals of all levels.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Explore the historical context and justification for HTML
  • Create HTML5 documents
  • Use HTML elements to add content to a HTML page
  • User hyperlinks to connect various HTML pages together
  • Capture user input using forms
  • Create content using HTML5 semantic elements
  • Create SVG Graphics
  • Create CSS stylesheets
  • Author sophisticated CSS rule sets and selectors
  • Lay out HTML elements using CSS margin and padding
  • Implement program logic using JavaScript
  • Leverage HTML5 APIs using JavaScript
  • Implement advanced web applications using jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, TypeScript or Sass


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Course Modules

Module 1: Creating Web Pages using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Introduction to Document Structure and Layout
  • How to work with Basic HTML Elements
  • How to format HTML Elements
  • Introduction to Hyperlinks
  • How to Configure your Development Environment
  • How to use various HTML Elements on a web page
  • How to create a basic HTML document using the core HTML elements
Module 2: Creating Sophisticated Document Structures using HTML
  • How to Capture User Input
  • Introduction to HTML5 Semantic Elements
  • How to work with Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
  • How to Implement Media Controls
  • How to add additional HTML features to a web page
  • How to use advanced features of HTML such as forms
Module 3: Designing Web Pages Elements using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Introduction to CSS
  • How to work with Style Definitions
  • How to work with Style Inheritance
  • How to work with Box Model
  • How to work with Fonts
  • How to Style a web page using CSS
Module 4: Implementing Program Flow using JavaScript (JS)
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Working with JavaScript Types
  • Introduction to JavaScript Callbacks
  • Advanced JavaScript
  • How to work with HTML5 APIs
  • How to implement an image carousel in HTML5
  • How to use JavaScript to add a logical flow to a web page
Module 5: Adding External Libraries to Enhance HTML Applications
  • Introduction to jQuery
  • Introduction to AngularJS
  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Introduction to TypeScript
  • Introduction to Sass
  • How to modernize a web page
  • Introduction to various external libraries that may enhance the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript content on a web page
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Course Prerequisites
  • Some light experience with software development is helpful but not necessary.



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