Microsoft/Performance Tuning and Optimizing SQL Databases/10987-C

Performance Tuning and Optimizing SQL Databases Certification Training Course Overview

This Microsoft SQL Server 2016 training on Performance Tuning and Optimizing SQL Databases (10987A course) imparts core knowledge and skills to database management and maintenance professionals to ensure performance tuning and optimization of their SQL database deployments.
The SQL Server 2016 Performance & Tuning course is best suited for professionals who manage, maintain and administer SQL databases. Those who are responsible for writing queries and ensuring optimal performance of workloads are also the right audience for this SQL 2016 training.
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Performance Tuning and Optimizing SQL Databases (32 Hours) Download Course Contents

Instructor - Led Online Training Fee For Both Group Training & 1-on-1 Training 1400
Group Training

03,04,05,06,07,10,11,12 May GTR
03:00 AM - 07:00 AM CST

07,08,09,10 Jun
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM CST
(8 Hours/Day)

GTR=Guaranteed to Run
1-on-1 Training (GTR)
4 Hours
8 Hours
Week Days
Week End

Start Time : At any time

12 AM
12 PM

Classroom training is available in select Cities

Classroom Training (Available: London, Dubai, India, Sydney, Vancouver)
Duration : On Request
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Course Prerequisites
  • Basic Computer Knowledge.

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Understand the high level architecture of SQL Server 2016 and its different components.
  • Understand and implement the execution model of SQL Server along with waits and queues.
  • Understand and execute performance testing, SANs and core I/O concepts.
  • Define best practices and architecture overview of data files for TempDB and user databases.
  • Define best practices and architecture overview of Transactions, Isolation Levels, Concurrency, and Locking.
  • Understand the architecture of Optimizer and learn to recognize and repair issues related to query plans.
  • Define the best practices, architecture and troubleshooting scenarios related to Plan Cache.
  • Define the best practices, usage scenarios and troubleshooting strategy for Extended Events.
  • Devise a data collection strategy and define techniques for data analysis.
  • Implement tools and techniques to recognize and diagnose bottlenecks, while improving overall performance.

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