Working with Ansible on OCI Ed 1 Quiz Questions and Answers

Which is the correct location of ansible.cfg file? (Select all that apply)

Answer :
  • The one specified by the ANSIBLE_CONFIG environment variable
  • The current working directory ./ansible.cfg
  • A hidden file in the user's home directory ~/.ansible.cfg
  • The system's default configuration file /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg

For managing the service or reloading the daemon which module is used?

Answer :
  • systemd
  • service

Which flag is used to run the smoke test on playbooks?

Answer :
  • --check
  • -C

What is a playbook?

Answer :
  • A playbook is a YAML file containing one or more plays.

Which ansible module is utilized for managing docker services and containers?

Answer :
  • docker_service

Ansible has two types of servers. Select the appropriate answer from the given options?

Answer :
  • controlling machines and nodes

Which is a Version Control System from these option?

Answer :
  • Git

Is it possible to write multiple module in a Single Playbook?

Answer :
  • Yes

What is the name of Ansible Author?

Answer :
  • Micheal Dehaan

There is Playbook name file.yml, which hosts would playbook run against. file.yml - hosts: account tasks: - name: copy test.txt file copy: src: test.txt dest: /tmp/test.txt inventory file: [account] web1 web2

Answer :
  • account