VMware vSphere: Design [V7] Quiz Questions and Answers

An architect is designing a new vSphere environment with the following resources: ✑ 600 vCPU ✑ 5,760 GB RAM Average resource usage is: ✑ 60 vCPU ✑ 1,152 GB RAM The design must meet the following requirements: ✑ The environment has the ability to burst by 25%. ✑ Each host can schedule 36 vCPUs and has 512 GB RAM. ✑ Management overhead is 20%. What is the minimum number of hosts required to meet the design requirements?

Answer :
  • Three

Explanation :

CPU = 60*0.2+60/36=2 ; RAM = 1152*0.2+1152/512 = 2.7) = Round off = 3

A customer has six hosts available in a cluster. When running at full capacity, all virtual machines can be run on two hosts. How many hosts can the customer place into maintenance mode at the same time while still providing N+2 resiliency to the cluster?

Answer :
  • Two

Which design decision must be included in a design to allow for the deployment of a minimum supported configuration of vCenter High Availability (HA)?

Answer :
  • A new subnet will be provisioned for vCenter HA services

An architect is planning the physical server configuration for a vSAN-based infrastructure. Which operations mode should a RAID controller support to minimize potential server downtime during physical disk failures?

Answer :
  • RAID controller with Passthru mode

A customer has storage arrays from two different storage vendors at two different sites. Thecustomer warts to restore operations at the secondary site in the event of a disaster. Which VMware technology must be used to meet this requirement?

Answer :
  • vSphere replication

What three steps are necessary to enable Jumbo Frames for use with an iSCSI storage array? (Choose three.)

Answer :
  • Configure the MTU on the physical switch.
  • Configure the MTU on the virtual switch.
  • Configure the MTU on the VMKernel port.

vSwp file is created when the virtual machine is powered on?

Answer :
  • True

What is the Maximum size of a .vmdk file?

Answer :
  • 62 TB

VMware vSphere is available in evaluation mode prior to purchase. What is the maximum number of days the evaluation period?

Answer :
  • 60 Days