VMware NSX-T Data Center: Troubleshooting and Operations [V3.0] Quiz Questions and Answers

Upon expiration of the 60-day NSX Evaluation License, what action you can not take in NSX-T 3.0?

Answer :
  • Creating an object
  • Editing an object

Explanation :


An NSX administrator has configured a KVM hypervisor as a transport node. Which kemel module on KVM implements an N-VDS?

Answer :
  • openvswitch

An NSX administrator noticed that the nsxcli command times out after 600 secs of idle time. Which CLI command disables the nsxcli time-out value on NSX Manager?

Answer :
  • set cli-timeout 0

An NSX administrator is configuring the KVM hypervisor host as a transport node and wants to apply for the Failover Order as a NIC teaming policy. Which profile allows the administrator to configure the NIC Teaming policy as Failover Order?

Answer :
  • Uplink Profile

Which two choices are prerequisites to configure NSX-T on VDS? (Choose two)

Answer :
  • vSphere Distributed Switch 7.0
  • MTU 1600

Which command is used to display the network configuration of the Tunnel Endpoint (TEP) IP on a bare metal transport node?

Answer :
  • ifconfig

Which three steps are required to create an IPsec VPN tunnel? (Choose three)

Answer :
  • Create an IPsec service
  • Add a local endpoint
  • Configure an IPsec session

An NSX administrator wants to create a Tier-0 Gateway to support Equal-Cost Multi-Path (ECMP) routing. Which failover detection protocol must be used to meet this requirement?

Answer :
  • Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)

What are the two supported N-VDS modes? (Choose two)

Answer :
  • Enhanced Datapath
  • Standard Datapath

A user is assigned these two roles in NSX Manager: ✑ LB Admin ✑ Network Engineer What privileges does this user have in the system?

Answer :
  • Full access permissions on all networking services and full access permissions on load balancing features