VMware Cloud Foundation: Management and Operations [V4.0] Quiz Questions and Answers

What is the minimum required number of hosts when deploying the VMware Cloud Foundation Management Domain?

Answer :
  • 4

An administrator wants to configure a stretched cluster and needs to configure vMotion, Which type of network connection is supported for vMotion.

Answer :
  • The vSphere vMotion network must be routed between sites.

An administrator is tasked with creating a federation between five VMware Cloud Foundation instances. What is the number of SDDC Manager instances that must be assigned the controller role to enable HA?

Answer :
  • 3

Which two statements are correct about VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) license editions'' (Choose two)

Answer :
  • All VCF license editions include automated deployment and lifecycle management of VCI components
  • All VCF license editions have the capability of automated deployment and lifecycle management of user workloads