VIPTELA/Cisco SD-WAN Deployment and Troubleshooting Quiz Questions and Answers

Which device information is required on PNP/ZTP to support the zero touch onboarding process?

Answer :
  • serial and chassis numbers

Which two platforms can host a vEdge Cloud Router? (Choose two)

Answer :
  • Microsoft Azure
  • AWS

Which two image formats are supported for controller nodes? (Choose two)

Answer :
  • qcow2
  • ova

Which two platforms for the Cisco SD-WAN architecture are deployable in a hypervisor on-premises or in IAAS Cloud? (Choose two.)

Answer :
  • CSR 1000v
  • vEdge Cloud

Two sites have one WAN Edge each. Each WAN Edge has two public TLOCs with no restrict configured. There is full reachability between the TLOCs. How many data tunnels are formed on each Edge router?

Answer :
  • 4

Which two mechanisms are used to guarantee the integrity of data packets in the Cisco SD-WAN architecture data plane? (Choose two)

Answer :
  • authentication headers
  • encapsulation security payload

Which Cisco SD-WAN component provides a secure data plane with remote vEdge routers?

Answer :
  • wan-edge

Which two options are SD-WAN solution capabilities? (Choose two)

Answer :
  • The separation of management plane, control plane and data plane to enable horizontal scaling
  • Cloud hosted or on-premise fully redundant management and control plane functions

A network administrator is configuring Qos on a vEdge 5000 router and needs to enable it on the transport side interface. Which policy setting must be selected to accomplish this goal?

Answer :
  • Cloud QoS

How many vsmart instances are deployed in one cluster?

Answer :
  • 20