Veritas Netbackup 8.2: Administration Quiz Questions and Answers

What are two ways to include files for scheduled backups? (Select two.)

Answer :
  • specify files to be backed up in the policy backup selections
  • specify files using the Backup, Archive, and Restore interface

An administrator of a multi-site, multi-domain NetBackup environment wants to provide redundancy for backups and protect the NetBackup image database. All backups must have on-site and off-site copies in multiple NetBackup domains as_______.

Answer :
  • Auto Image Replication

Which two have a media and/or density type? (Select two.)

Answer :
  • storage units
  • drives

An administrator must recover an expired image from a tape where only one remaining copy exists and there are other unexpired images on the tape. How should the administrator locate the tape which contains the image?

Answer :
  • run the Tape Contents report

What is the correct order in which to configure deduplication storage in NetBackup?

Answer :
  • storage server, disk pool, storage unit

Which two methods should an administrator use to automate duplication in NetBackup? (Select two.)

Answer :
  • NetBackup Vault
  • Storage Lifecycle Policies

An administrator has a media server with four empty disks with the following characteristics: SSD1, SSD2: High-speed solid state drives Disk3, Disk4: Medium-speed hard drives What is the recommended disk storage configuration using these devices?

Answer :
  • place disks in two AdvancedDisk pools: SSD1 and SSD2 in one pool, and Disk3 and Disk4 in the other pool