User Experience Design UX / UI Quiz Questions and Answers

Which application mode is active by default when a new Adobe XD document is opened?

Answer :
  • Design

Clickable wireframes are a type of prototype.

Answer :
  • TRUE

Which software can be used for creating low fidelity as well as high fidelity prototypes?

Answer :
  • Adobe XD

Which tool can be used to create a wireframe?

Answer :
  • A) PaintBrush
    B) Adobe Photoshop
    C) Adobe Illustrator
    All of the above

Which of the following statement is NOT true for Paper prototyping?

Answer :
  • Users can not interact with the paper prototype.

What is the value of Golden Ratio?

Answer :
  • 1.618

What are the primary colors in a digital color wheel?

Answer :
  • Red, Green, Blue

What will be the result if we mix Pure green color with white color?

Answer :
  • Green tint

What will be the resulting color called, if we mix pure red with black?

Answer :
  • Red shade

What are pure colors also referred as?

Answer :
  • Hue