Uipath: RPA Design and Development v3 Quiz Questions and Answers

An "Attended Bot " would be suitable for...

Answer :
  • a task that needs real-time human-system interaction
  • to augment an employee's day-to-day mundane repetitive work
  • a task that requires copy-pasting of data from one application to other(s)

Explanation :

Though RPA has incorporated the use of AI in its recent advancements, it still has a lot of ground to cover before we could automate a bot to write actual software code

When is it recommended to use containers?

Answer :
  • When performing multiple operations in the same window

What should you use to scrape tables from a web page?

Answer :
  • Data Scraping

How can you extract text from a Citrix application?

Answer :
  • Using Microsoft OCR

How should you organize your workflow?

Answer :
  • Use Flowchart or State Machine for a high level organization

What should you use to click in a hidden IE browser?

Answer :
  • SimulateClick

A Click Trigger has the EventType = EVENT_SYNCHRONOUS. The activities in the Event Handler are executed before the click is sent to the application.

Answer :
  • True

There is an input field with the text “ABC”. If you use the Type activity with the text “123” and the following Properties: SimulateType checked, EmptyField unchecked, what will be the text in the field?

Answer :
  • 123

Which of the following input methods works in the background?

Answer :
  • Window Messages
  • Simulate Type/Click

How many characters does “*” replace?

Answer :
  • Zero or more