UiPath : RPA Advanced Design and Development Quiz Questions and Answers

What is the Attach Window activity used for?

Answer :
  • To specify the top-level window container you will be working with

What should you use to make sure that the workflow continues no matter what activity fails?

Answer :
  • Try Catch activity
  • ContinueOnError property

Which of the following statements are true? Select all the options that apply.

Answer :
  • The recorder is used to create a skeleton for the UI automation

Which of the following technologies can be used for background automation?

Answer :
  • The Click activity with the Simulate Click flag checked.

Is it possible to write to a text file without using the Write Text File activity?

Answer :
  • Yes, using the Invoke Method activity
  • Yes, with the Invoke Power Shell activity

What robots can be selected when you start a job from Orchestrator?

Answer :
  • Any robot in the same environment as the process to be executed.

What is the relation between environments and provisioned robots?

Answer :
  • One robot can be assigned to multiple environments.
  • An environment can contain multiple robots.

Which of the following are considered best practices? Select all the options that apply.

Answer :
  • Breaking the process into smaller workflows
  • Reusing workflows across different projects

While automating an installation wizard, a pop-up window may or may not appear. What can you use to close the window without stopping the workflow?

Answer :
  • Use a Click activity inside a Try Catch activity.
  • Use a Click activity with the ContinueOnError property set to True.

How should exceptions be handled? Select all the options that apply.

Answer :
  • By using Try Catch activities inside the workflow for unexpected application exceptions.
  • By validating data using conditional blocks for business exceptions.